Dinner: a Family Affair

Earlier this week I had a Monday.  Oh wait it was a Monday.  And it was one of those kinds of Monday’s.   With two in high school, one in junior high and the 4th daughter doing early elementary level some days I get nothing but school done during the day.  Because it was one of those  kinds of days, I was thrilled that dinner was already planned (thanks to e-mealz and the TOS Crew.  Watch for my review of e-mealz mid-October!).

But this time dinner was special.  Not the food itself or the menu.  It was special because the whole family (except Supergirl who stayed out of the way.. that in and of itself is helpful!) contributed to dinner.  HoneyBear sliced and fried the smoked sausage.  BooBear prepared a salad. 


Tailorbear diced tomatoes. Turtlegirl cut up a honeydew melon.


Me?  I grated zucchini and yellow squash, and boiled the pasta.  I then assembled the bits and pieces into “Creamy Penne with Sausage & Squash”


We worked together as a family to prepare dinner because we had all worked hard all day at our “jobs”.   It didn’t take long at all to put dinner together.  From start to finish maybe 45 minutes?  We then enjoyed each other’s company at the dinner table. 

I didn’t serve the side dishes suggested by e-mealz, but it was a fabulous family affair dinner!


Note this post is linked up to e-mealz Family Week Blog Carnival.  Read the original post here.


  1. that looks yummy!

    And my favorite dinners are ones where everyone jumps in. :)

  2. Mondays come around and around...

    I agree, what a fun meal to have all help.


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