Hair, Hair and more Hair!

My daughter has extra extra extra thick hair.  Seriously!  I think her hair is 4 times as thick as my own.  When she divides her hair into two parts for ponytails or braids, there is enough hair in just ONE part for at least two people.

She really struggles with how to “do” her hair.  She did a really cute  ‘do the other day and since I liked it so much, we grabbed the camera. I just had to share:


Here’s another picture.  This time from the side:


She pulled back part of her hair into a bun and secured it with an octopus clip and then braided the rest of the hair.  I am so glad that she found something she liked for her hair that was fairly easy and simple to do but looks fantastic!


  1. I also have thick hair (although not as thick as your daughter's hair) and, while I don't do everything on the website, I found to be interesting reading.

  2. Wow, she's beautiful. Her hair is amazing! Mine is so fine, that I can't even imagine having such incredible tresses -

  3. I thought my hair was thick...her hair is beautiful!

  4. Very pretty! Both of my girls have thicker hair than me; it is interesting learning how to help them with things different than we do ourselves.


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