A little Humor this Monday

So this actually happened yesterday but I’m having a Monday and I needed to laugh again.  (Note the first part isn’t the funny part.  You’ll have to keep reading for the laugh)

Turtlegirl has been asking to get a hair cut for quite some time.  Finally, her daddy took her to get it cut.  He needed a hair cut too so off they went.

Here is a before picture:


And an after picture:  (Isn’t she adorable!!)


Now for the funny part**:

Another one of my daughters (I have 4 of them!) and I were talking about how cute and adorable the hair cut is and how flattering and wonderful it looks on Turtlegirl.  I also commented on how it reminded me of a young lady we know.

Me:  She’s got kind of a “R” (insert name of friend) look going for her now.
Other Daughter: I thought she looked familiar
Turtlegirl (with indignation in her voice) I should look familiar! I'm your sister!
Other Daughter (with a heavy sigh) That didn't come out right.

If you happen to be my Facebook friend you might have seen part of this as my status.  Turtlegirl corrected me and said my status was wrong.  I had posted “Of course” rather than the correct “I should”.  (Sorry TG!)

**Disclaimer all innocent and guilty parties have consented to be on display in this blog post. 


  1. Too funny! Sounds like the exchanges I hear around here. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love her hair! It was so long!! The new cut looks so cute on her, even makes her look younger. I cut 11 inches off of my hair a few months ago.....but it didn't give me the 'younger' look. ;)

  3. Jamie, I didn't realize how long it was until after we were looking at the before picture. She had 12 inches cut off which she donated to Locks of Love.


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