My Wonderful Birthday Weekend

I can’t believe it is Sunday night already.  Time really flew this weekend.   What’s that saying?  Time flies when you’re having fun? It sure did for me this weekend.

My birthday was yesterday but I started celebrating Friday night.  My husband (and I guess the children were included <grin>) decided that I needed to see Duran Duran in concert.  A friend of mine emailed to ask if I would like to go and my family insisted that I join her.  Two more of our friends were also planning to attend so we got seats together.  That was ages ago… or well at least during the summer.  I admit I was fairly excited to go see a favorite band the day before my birthday!

Friday night was wonderful.  Yummy dinner with great conversation with friends followed by an amazing concert was a great way to start the weekend, especially a birthday weekend.

On Saturday morning, I got to sleep in a bit and when I wandered out to see what everyone else was doing I found this:


We had a lovely day together as a family.  I dragged them all with to go grocery shopping so that I could spend time with everybody.  I love brownies  so instead of a birthday cake my oldest made brownies.  To make it more special she sprinkled butterscotch chips on top.  We played a new game while enjoying our brownies and ice cream.  It’s called Say Anything Family Edition by NorthStar Games.  It’s a review crew product but it was perfect for a family birthday celebration.  (You can look for my review to appear sometime later in October!).  Here’s a picture of the yummy dessert.


But the birthday celebrations didn’t end Saturday night.  Today I got to celebrate by going out to lunch with a dear friend of mine from church.  Her birthday is tomorrow so we had a little celebration for the two of us.  We went to this wonderful Italian restaurant and we both got free ice cream for dessert.

It’s been a very full  and wonderful weekend and I’ve got lots of memories to treasure, but I think I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.


  1. I'm so glad you celebrated you all weekend! Happy Birthday.

    I had a great time, I'm so glad you came with me :)

  2. Didn't know Duran Duran were still around! LOL

    The cake with butterscotch sprinkles looks yummy!

    Happy b-day!

  3. It sounds like it was a great birthday! I used to love Duran Duran so much - how fun! It sounds like it was a great mix of family time and time with friends.

    Brownies are my all time, favorite comfort food, and the butterscotch chips on top are a great touch.

  4. Looks like a great birthday. Goodness, I think I was the only girl at my junior high who didn't love Duran Duran. I was a rocker! LOL

  5. I am glad you had a good birthday.

    I have heard of Duran Duran, but am trying to figure out who they are. lol Glad you had fun at their concert anyways.

  6. Happy Happy Birthday!
    Your treat looks nice:)

    Lizzie TOS Crew

  7. Awesome birthday- I hope that is the beginning of a wonderful year.

  8. The brownies look amazing. And they look like about the absolute perfect birthday dessert.


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