Read Aloud Challenge September 1st

Every week Debra over at Footprints in the Butter hosts a read aloud challenge.   She posts on Thursdays but I tend to put my posts off until Saturday.   I think it is because I think of the week as Monday through Friday for read alouds. 

I’ve been reading aloud to my children for years and years.  I confess though that I did not read aloud as much to my oldest when she was a toddler as I did to my youngest when she was a toddler.  But I do remember getting serious about reading aloud to BooBear when she was 3.   BooBear still likes listening to read alouds even though she is now 16 and an avid independent reader.

I did not post an update last week and this week seems a blur so maybe we read this this week and maybe we read it last week but in any case it is what we are reading aloud <grin>

We are not officially starting school until September 8th but we did get a head start on many subjects.  Mostly we started our Sonlight Cores.

SOTW 1 This is the spine for Core 6 (now called G I think—World History In-Depth Part 1).  Both Supergirl and Tailorbear are listening in to this one.  We’re actually listening to the CD’s recorded by Jim Wise.  We love the way he reads!  We’ve listened to the introduction and at least two chapters.  Maybe 3.   Tailorbear is reading the other spine, an Usborne book, herself.  In addition I’ve been reading a couple of Usborne spines from Core 1 (now called B.. Introduction to World History) to both girls though Supergirl is the target.  One is more geography and one is history.   

We also read aloud this neat book about Archeology:

Arch dig

We finished the Radio Theater production (from Focus on the Family) of The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.  We started The Horse and His Boy.  This is the next book, if you wish to listen to them in Narnian Timeline order.  

We also continued to listen to Chrissi Hart read aloud The Last Battle.   Chrissi read these aloud as part of her podcasts for Ancient Faith radio.  We’ve been listening to these podcasts during lunch.

We haven’t finished Charlotte’s Web but I think we’ll be finishing that up this week and starting Mr. Popper’s Penguins.  We are also continuing  with Mara, Daughter of the Nile and I expect to finish or be close to finishing that by next week.

Oh and Tailorbear has started reading aloud to Supergirl.  She’s reading … wait for it…. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  Yes, we did just finish the dramatized radio version but for some reason my children appear to be obsessed with all things Narnia lately.

What have you been reading to your children?  To read Debra’s post this week and sign the linky click here.


  1. First Debra recommends Homer Price, and now you're talking about Mr. Popper's Penguins. No wonder Core 1 was a favorite for both of my big kids.

  2. What Cristi said... LOL. Looking for the Like button, I'm telling you.

    I pulled out my Core 1 stuff and was planning a bit, and thinking, "Oh, this is just the greatest Core ever."

    In addition to the above mentioned ones, there is Wheel on the School, probably my favorite SL read-aloud ever.

    And Henry Huggins, and Detectives in Togas, and Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, and...

    I *thought* I'd be able to skip a couple RAs from Core 1. Not a chance.

  3. The read aloud is a great idea!! We love Radio Theater too. Such great things to make family time more intriguing! <3

  4. We are also doing Story of the World 1 this year. So far I've been reading the text out loud, but I may have my 10 year old read aloud also.

    Visiting from the Crew.


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