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Looking for a fun, family friendly trivia game that’s educational, too? You’ll want to check out Griddly Games’ Wise Alec: Civilize This! Travel and Expansion pack.  Everything you need to play this game is included in one compact box.  Instructions, trivia cards and one die.

Griddly Open Box

  Griddly Box

Since we’re talking about the box, I’d like to mention that my husband was very impressed with the construction.  It is very sturdy.  My husband likes that it stays closed with a hidden magnet.  You don’t have to worry about the box popping open and spilling the contents.

This game can stand alone or you can use it with the Wise Alec Family Trivia Game as an expansion pack.  The instructions for “Civilize This!” state 2-4 players, however we played with 5 players with no problems at all.  In fact having all of us together while all of us “big people” played made the game more fun.

Here you can see Tailorbear reading a question to her Daddy.

Griddly GameLet’s talk about those questions for a minute.  There are 4 sets of 50 cards each: Wise Alec,  Ancient, Medieval and Modern. The three time period sets each contain two questions, along with the answers.  One question is worth 3 points and is generally easier to answer.  The other is more difficult but worth 7 pts.  The Wise Alec cards have a variety of questions or actions that you answer or complete in order to win points.

Here my husband completes the action for his Yoga Time.  To win points he had to do the Cobra Position.  Griddly Cobra

For more details about how the game is played you can watch a video here at the Griddly Games Website. 

We enjoyed playing this game as a family.  I appreciated the compact format because it allowed us to easily toss it in a bag to bring along with us when traveling.  I do think that the ages 8+ is a little young.  I think the game would work better for ages 10+ or those who have done some history studying.   

Find Griddly Games in your local toy and gift stores in Canada, the US, and online! Check with your local store for availability.  Retail   Prices may vary.  Click here for a list of retailers where you can purchase Griddly Games.   Click here to see some other games by Griddly Games such as Oversight and Chronicles of the Mind.

Some of the Review Crew had the opportunity to review “Civilize This!” while others reviewed “Nature Nuts”.  Click on the Banner below to read what others have said about these Griddly Games.


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  1. I love trivia games, this looks fabulous.

    I also love that your Dh has an opinion on the box ;)

  2. I made reference to the box, also, in my review of Nature Nuts. Great box! lol Great game!

    So enjoy your family pics. Good review.




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