Visiting the “Real” Library

I had forgotten how much I love the library.  It had been a very long time since I stepped foot inside a real branch of the library.  Yes we use the library on a regular basis but my library “trips” are mostly virtual.  I log into our county library system and search the catalog.  I put the books I want I hold.  When those books are ready for pick up, I send a teen or a husband to walk down to the book mobile and pick up the books.

I am blessed to have a bookmobile.  I love that my daughters can walk or ride their bike to the “library”.  I have very fond memories of riding my bike to the library in the summer time.   The bookmobile is very convenient and for school purposes I prefer the check out policies of the bookmobile.

But the bookmobile has one major flaw.  It’s a giant bus not a building.  Because it must be mobile, it carries a limited supply of books.   Because it is mobile, it smells of diesel fumes.  Because it is a bus, there are no cozy nooks to curl up and spend time reading a pile of books

The “real” library has a larger selection of books but even this local branch does not stock *all* the books in the county library system.  So why does walking through the doors send a surge of joy through my bones?  Maybe it is the way it is laid out?  There is a wonderful area with child size tables and chairs that just invite children to settle in and stay awhile.

This special trip to the library reminded me how much I love homeschooling.  Supergirl and I hunted through the “easy reading non-fiction” and found several books about Egypt.   I kind of jumped the gun with checking them out as we really won’t get to Egypt right away with our studies.  But I could not resist picking up some books and a DVD to supplement our history reading. 

The bookmobile comes this week.   I won’t be returning any of the books we checked out at the “real” library just yet, but I love that I can return them through the bookmobile when we’re finished.

This isn’t my typical Read Aloud Challenge Post but I’m submitting it to Debra’s Read Aloud Challenge over at Footprints in the Butter.


  1. This post brings back memories of the library of my childhood. It was housed in an old church building (after the church got a new building), and it had high ceilings and stained glass windows and smelled of old books and old building mingled together. Kind of like a used book store smells - hmmm, maybe that's why I like used bookstores so much.

    Saw your post come up on my FB; have a blessed day, fellow TOS Crewmate :-)

  2. We don't go to the library very often any more. We just have trouble getting in there it seems. It takes too much gas to make a special trip, and we grocery shop at night or on weekends. I do miss it but we had a lot of books in our home library that we had never even cracked open, so we have been working on those.

  3. Oh, I know just what you mean. We visit the bookmobile roughly every week... and I love my bookmobile. Really, I do. The staff is amazing, and I can get to it.

    But there is just something about walking into a real library. Ahhhh.


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