What a week! What do you mean it isn’t over yet?

I keep thinking or maybe it’s just wishfully hoping that today is Friday.  It’s been a long week and we’re not done yet!  I almost titled this post “The best laid plans” you know “the best laid plans of mice and men yada yada yada.

I planned for this to be our first FULL week back to school.  I even had a “school wide meeting” on Sunday afternoon to discuss how to do some extra work on Monday and Tuesday so that we could go to church on Wednesday for the Feast day.   I made lesson plans and printed out some ebook pages for certain students.  In other words I was close to being organized.  And then….

A nasty, unwelcome, tiny critter invaded my home.  Sunday evening I hear:  “Mom, my throat hurts and I don’t feel well at all.”  A kiss on the brow confirmed the fever.   Monday morning said child is feeling worse and fever is not abating and child 2 begins to complain of the same symptoms.  In the middle of the night I awake to the sound of crying.  Child number one is withering in pain from an earache. 

Tuesday morning child 2 is feeling better but I take child 1 to the doctor.  STREP.    *sigh*    Wednesday take 2 more children to the doctor.  More strep.  This time we’re seeing OUR family doctor and not just another doctor in the clinic.  Dr. S decides it would be best to  treat the WHOLE family (thank you thank you thank you!!) because by now  I am starting to develop a sore throat and my wallet is broken.  (Those co-pays are NOT cheap!)

Thankfully child #1 who has been on antibiotics the longest is feeling much better.  Child #2 and Child #3 are doing slightly better and my throat is at least NOT worse.  Child #4 still displays no symptoms (Thank you, Lord!!) but today I had to deal with prescription mix up/mess up.   It’s all straightened out now and everybody has the right prescription with the correct dosing and the correct number of doses.

Can it be Friday so I can put this week to bed and move on? 


  1. Those are the weeks you've lived the entire week by Tuesday. I'm so, so, so very sorry but very thankful that you are all feeling better (and for the one with no symptoms!)

  2. Strep is no fun at all. Hope you are all feeling much better by now.

    Visiting from the Crew and following you.


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