A Review Related Homeschooling Kind of Day

Every now and again we have a day in our homeschool schedule that seems driven by the TOS Homeschool Crew.  (Check out my sidebar of upcoming reviews with links to the products and/or vendors).  

I usually try to space things out and we work review products in our school schedule.  Every now and again things get thrown off because Daddy takes a day off so we can go to the Greek Festival in town or there’s a federal holiday and dad is off work or we get strep throat or… well.. life just happens.

Today was one of those review driven days.  We have several new programs to add into our schedule.  We also needed to focus on a couple things that are review related but aren’t items currently being reviewed. 

Maybe I should have said today was Institute for Excellence and Review driven.  It feels like everything we did today some how related to either IEW or the Review Crew.  

We started 4 new products today:

  • A math program for Tailorbear.  Supergirl gets to try one of the workbooks too.  I think both girls will like this new math program.
  • A learning to read game for Supergirl.  She loved it.  She excitedly reported to Daddy that she “gets to save the robot tomorrow!”
  • A Latin program for the three “big” girls.  I really expected the girls to give me some grief about it but they liked the dvd lesson.  The teacher reminds them of Dr. Rodney McKay of Stargate Atlantis.  They had Supergirl convinced the teacher is Rodney’s cousin.  <sigh>  I think we watch too much Stargate here.
  • An SAT Prep Course for BooBear.  She and I are both so thankful for this resource.  I’ll use it again with Turtlegirl maybe next year.

So for IEW related school today we accomplished:

  • IEW  Student Writing Intensive C with BooBear.  We went over her 3 paragraphs that she had to rewrite using all the dress ups and adding decorations.  It was cool to see these three paragraphs that she had written several months ago.  We had a good laugh too over a typing mistake.  “he was badly”  “yes”  “um, dear, he was badly what?” “Oh… injured.. I forgot to type injured.  We received this product last year as part of the TOS Crew
  • Teaching the Classics with BooBear—this is not published by IEW but is recommended by IEW and sold by IEW.  It is also recommend by Everyday Education (Excellence in Literature).  We’re reviewing Excellence in Literature’s Introduction to Literature and I purchased the British Lit program.  
  • IEW Student Writing Intensive C with Turtlegirl.   She is going at a slightly slower pace than her older sister.  We went over her 3 paragraph/topic paper on <drum roll> rocks.  She loves rocks. 

Oh hold the presses… we did do something that wasn’t IEW or Review related!  Turtlegirl and I spent some time going over her Sonlight Core 200 History of God’s Kingdom student guide.  We put the parts into different binders. 

I have to say it was a more relaxed kind of day.  I had a list of 11 things I really wanted to get done today.  I have check marks by 8 of them.  That feels really good.  I think every now and again it’s a good idea to attack the day a little differently.  Investing my time today with meeting with the the high school students means they can move forward with new assignments leaving me with more time to focus on the other two students.


  1. Tess,

    I totally understand the feeling/reality that some days are driven by use of review products. While I would like to make progress in other subjects/materials I know my children are benefiting from the review materials as well, and maybe becoming more well rounded. It is interesting to see how they react to other resources that we have been blessed to review.


  2. Martha we have been so incredibly blessed by being part of the Crew. My children are receiving a stronger, more well-rounded education and I am finding some great products. I fell in love with IEW as part of the crew last year and I purchased British Lit from them (it's one of the Excellence in Lit that IEW recommends.) I am so blessed that we are reviewing Introduction to Literature as it is giving my daughter some background so that she can sink her teeth into British Lit. I kind of like the review driven days. It's nice reminder of just how much I've been "paid"

  3. Life happens, grin!
    Your posts always make me tired. You rock!


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