Today’s Breakfast is brought to you by the letter…

Last week my husband took some much needed time off from work.  Though our school schedule didn’t allow for us to completely drop school for 3 days, we were able to reduce our work load.

Having Daddy home is a treat in and of itself but Daddy wanted to make it even more special.  When he was growing up his father would make pancakes for breakfast.  These were not ordinary round cakes though.  They came in shapes.  Letter Shapes.

Continuing in the tradition of his father, Honeybear will sometimes make letter shaped pancakes to make breakfast just a little more fun and special.  He choose one of his vacation days to make letter pancakes for all of us.

100_3581 100_3582

100_3585  100_3583

And yes even Mom got one too!



  1. I think since mom's name doesn't start with a "M" but mine does, that one should be mine ;)

    Seriously, that's awesome! Those traditions are so important.

  2. That looks very fun, I'm gonna have to try that!


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