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Visual Latin Banner.Latin wasn’t a subject I wanted to focus on for this school year.  There are a million great reasons to study Latin but I had a few good reasons to not pursue it. That is until we had the opportunity to review Visual Latin. One of my objections to pursuing Latin centers on my lack of Latin ability.  I am not a Latin teacher. I don’t have the desire to spend hours and hours learning a language just so that I can teach it to my girls.  With Visual Latin, I don’t have to teach. <insert happy sigh of contentment>

When trying to decide if I should express interest in reviewing Visual Latin,  I spent some time exploring the website  What I found completely changed my mind about studying Latin.  Check out this video!


Visual Latin | A Quick Explanation from Compass Cinema on Vimeo.

I strongly recommend reading Our Approach to Latin Learning. That page explains the simple design of Visual Latin and how it works.  If you’re as impressed as I was you’ll want to watch the sample lesson.  You can also download these free lessons which include some hilarious but educational introduction lessons (these were so funny that my girls insisted that Daddy had to watch them too!) and two regular lessons.

Visual Latin is of course, visual.  Each regular lesson is comprised of three parts: Grammar, Sentences and Reading.  For each part there is a video segment and a worksheet. These worksheets are available on the DVD-ROM disc.  Or as a download.  I love the worksheets!  Each section is just one page.  Students can use these worksheets to create a Latin notebook.  Worksheets include charts of vocabulary and/or grammar.

Visual Latin Worksheets

Visual Latin even has a list of lessons so you can see what is covered in every lesson of both VL 1 and VL 2.   For other information or questions you may have check out the FAQ page.

Thoughts from Turtlegirl, age 14, 9th Grade: He keeps things short and simple.  I was glad for the humor. This is really good as an introduction to Latin. I really liked it. The worksheets are simple and easy to do. My favorite section is the sentences part.  There isn’t anything I don’t like about it.

Thoughts from Tailorbear, age 12, 7th Grade: I like how he doesn’t just do vocabulary. I like how I am learning how to put words into sentences. He’s humorous.The worksheets are alright. 

Thoughts from BooBear, age 16, 11th Grade: I liked everything. I like how it breaks it down into small chunks that are easy to grasp. I like how he explains things.  He is easy to understand.


My Thoughts: I like how Dwane is real.  He makes mistakes and he could have edited those mistakes out of the videos but he doesn’t.  This appeals to me because I have perfectionist tendencies and so do my children.  I like that Dwane demonstrates that we all make mistakes and that it is ok to make a mistake.  You just acknowledge it and move on.  I recommend this program for Latin Phobic moms like myself who want their students to have the benefits of studying Latin but are intimidated by the thought of teaching it.

Nitty Gritty Details: Visual Latin, recommended for ages 9 +, is available on DVD or as a download.  DVD’s can be purchased for 10 lessons at a time for $30 (10 Lesson at a time is available only until they sell out) or the entire set (3 discs, 30 lessons total) for $80 $100 (but check for sale prices!).  Download version can be purchased for $25 for 10 lessons at a time.  There are  two levels of Visual Latin:  Visual Latin 1 and Visual Latin 2.  They also offer a bundle of both Visual Latin 1 and Visual Latin 2 for $200 again you’ll want to check for sale prices.  As of August 6th 2014, one level is on sale for $70 and the bundle is offered for $140!

Please the Schoolhouse Review Crew Blog to read what my fellow crew mates had to say about Visual Latin 1, Lessons 1-10.

August 6, 2014 UPDATE: Guess What??!!  Visual Latin is no longer being offered in the 10 lesson at a time format but that’s ok because they are still offering both Visual Latin 1 and Visual Latin 2 which the 2014 Schoolhouse Review Crew reviewed.  Visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew Blog to read reviews about the full Visual Latin 1 and Latin 2 programs.


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  1. Nice review - loved hearing what each child thought. My boys really enjoyed this program too. Stopping by from the Crew.


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