You know you’re a homeschooler when…

Your 14 year old says “Do we have to do Lit analysis while eating dinner?”

Yes, she was a bit annoyed at her 16 year old sister who started the conversation with “Hey Mom, who would you say is the antagonist in Emma?”  I thought f or a moment or two and responded with:

““I’d have to say Emma.  I’d say the conflict theme is man versus self so Emma’s really in conflict with herself” She agreed and brought up Frank Churchhill and how he just wasn’t really the antagonist.

That’s when Turtlegirl piped in with her objections to the conversation. And rolled her eyes at us.  I’m not sure I blame her.  <grin>


  1. Was this discussion prompted by your Teaching the Classics work? We just now finished the first lesson, and I keep saying, "We need to make time to watch more."

  2. Yes, it was! We have not been nearly as diligent as I think we should have been with this. I think we're only on lesson 3 but it's been very good for us especially with the English 1 we are reviewing.

  3. It happens at our house too :)

    And, I agree with you on the antagonist.


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