2011 Gratitude Challenge Day 6

I am thankful today for unseasonable weather.  Sounds bizarre doesn’t it?  November here is usually not so cold but it is dark, dreary and rainy.  Temps usually in the 50’s.  

Today was cold.  On the way the church the bank sign read 31 degrees.  Yup.  It was below freezing.   On the way home from church the same sign read 47 degrees.  It had certainly warmed up!

I didn’t mind the cold.  I wish I had grabbed a winter coat rather than my heavy fall sweater but I didn’t mind the cold.  I don’t like cold.  But there is dry cold and there is PNW wet cold.  I don’t mind dry cold.  Dry cold means I can drink hot tea and snuggle with blankets and I can find a way to get warm.  Wet cold?  That’s the kind that chills you to the bone.  The kind that gets inside of you.  Hot tea, hearty soups and other warm liquids help but even with layers of sweaters and fleece throws I can still feel the cold.

Today was not a wet cold.  It was cold.  I didn’t like it.  But there was a wonderful reason for the chill in the air.  The sun.  The beautiful ball of gas that gives life to our planet was shinning in the clear blue sky.  Clear Blue Sky.   Are we sure it is November?  Are we sure were talking about the Pacific Northwest?  Clear blue sky with the sun shinning?  In November?  In the PNW?  Very strange.

But I loved seeing the sun and so I didn’t mind freezing as I walked back and forth from the chapel to the parish house with Supergirl who insisted she needed to go to the bathroom again.

The sun shining is rare treat and I treasure it.  So today I am thankful for an unseasonably sunny day!

What are you thankful for today?  Want to read others are thankful for?  Come link up at Brenda’s blog, Garden of Learning.


  1. I'm thankful for the weather where I live --reading your post reminded me that there are other places in the U.S. that are MUCH colder. =)

  2. That is true, the difference between wet cold and dry cold. So far, we've had dry cold.
    Although, it's raining here ;)


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