2011 Gratitude Challenge Update (7 Days!)

I missed so many days in this Gratitude Challenge that I started to think I would just give up and not bother finishing the challenge.  I think It’s been at least a week since I posted a Gratitude Challenge Post.

Let’s see seven days so I’ll come up with at least 7 things to be grateful for!

1) I am thankful that we are two working vehicle family.  Notice the WORKING part the description.  A year ago we owned two vehicles.  Only one of them worked so we were basically a one car family.  I value having a working van so that when we run out of toilet paper (how did that happen?  UGH) I can run to the store.   Having two vehicles means the girls and I can participate in Bible Study and some weekday services at church.  It also means that the girls get to go to piano lessons.

2) I am also thankful that despite being hit so many times with illness in the past two months that the girls are working hard to get on track so that all our lessons will be done by the end of June.  They appreciate having a summer vacation and they know that if we don’t get the work done NOW it will still need to be done sometime.

3) I am thankful for E-mealz.  Thanks to E-mealz I did not have to think about menu planning or or put any extra effort into making a grocery list when I was so sick with this cold.  If you haven’t read my review of e-mealz then you can click here to find it.

4) I am thankful for the TOS Homeschool Crew.  It is such a blessing to be a part of the Crew.  It’s not just about the really cool products I get to use and review but about the friendships I’ve made with other homeschooling moms (and Dad.. can’t forget Tim!!)

5) And speaking of the TOS Crew, I am thankful for a little mini-break I’ll be getting in December.  I’ll have a couple of weeks here and there with NO reviews due!  I’m looking forward to being able to enjoy the 12 days of Christmas with my husband home from work without having any reviews due while he is off!  Thank you, Brenda!  I know you worked hard to make that happen!

6) I’m thankful for spreadsheets.  Yes, that’s weird.  My spreadsheets are helping me keep track of our family budget.  I also use excel to keep track of review post due dates.  I should have put Gratitude Challenge posts on my spreadsheets!  Thanks to my friend Debra, I think I’ve become addicted to spreadsheets but I think it’s a good addiction and I’m grateful that I’m learning how to use them.

7) And last but not least. ..oh wait that is how the saying goes but I think this is least <grin>  I’m thankful for Coke.  Yes, that carbonated, caffeinated, really bad for you beverage.  I no longer keep it in the house but I do indulge every now and again.  And since I had to run to the store to buy toilet paper (who, in their right minds, lets toilet paper get down to 1 roll for 5 females before restocking? Oh, me.  that’s right.) I got myself a Coke. 

What are you grateful for?  Click on the button above if you want to join in Brenda’s Gratitude Challenge over at Garden of Learning.


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