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Supergirl struggles with the concept of time.  She’ll come to me and beg to be allowed to watch some program claiming that she hasn’t “seen it in years”.   When she discovered the word “weeks” everything was measured as 2 weeks.   Mommy and daddy have been married for 2 weeks.  It’s been 2 weeks since we last saw Nana.  Telling Supergirl that she needs to play quietly by herself for 20 minutes became an exercise in frustration.  I’d set the the timer and every couple of minutes she’d come to me with the timer to ask me how much time is left.  We needed something to help her grasp the concept of short increments of time.  To help her grasp the idea of time elapsing.

I admit that I can be overly emotional at times but I don’t usually cry over a review product.  As I looked over the website for Timer Timer and filled out the form (for the Crew) expressing interest, I cried.  This sounded so perfect for us!

From the website:
The disappearing red disk allows students to "see" time without knowing how to "tell" time. The Time Timer is perfect for setting time limits, managing transitions and training students to make better use of available time, making every moment count.


Everyone in the family was excited to try this different looking timer.  Supergirl got to try it first. I explained that she needed to read her book until the red area was all gone.  Yes I did tell her that it was 20 minutes.  She did NOT come ask me how much time was left.  There was a time or two that she declared that she was done but I pointed out that there was more red left so no, she wasn’t done.

100_3761The rest of the family, especially my husband, was quick to point out that the optional audible signal was NOT loud enough nor LONG enough to really be useful.  I found that I could not use Time Timer for myself because I would forget about the time and I need a loud, long ring, buzz or beep to get my attention that I need to stop what I am doing.

Although I would not recommend this timer for someone who needs an auditory reminder, this has been a great visual tool for Supergirl.  When I need her to do an activity independently for a specified time, I can set her up with the Time Timer and not hear “how much time is left, Mama.”  She knows that she has to “look at books” or “play quietly” or “work on puzzles”  until all the red part is gone.  She can SEE the red area become smaller and smaller.

Time Timer is available in 3 sizes: 3”, 8” and 12”.  The 3”, which I received, retails for $30.   You can read details about these 3 timers here.  Time Timer also has watches, puzzles and software apps. In fact some of my crew mates had the opportunity to review the Ipad app. 

Time Timer has many uses in EducationBusiness, In Special Needs and in Everyday Life

Click on the banner below to read what my fellow crew mates had to say about the Time Timer.PhotobucketAll information is correct and accurate as of the date of this review.

Disclaimer: As a TOS Crew member, I received this product free of charge to review. This review is my honest opinion with, hopefully, enough detail as to why I liked or did not like a product so that my readers can make an informed decision. I received no compensation.


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