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College Prep Genius SAT Prep DVD Set Review
For high school students planning on attending college, the SAT could be the ticket to gaining admission to the college or university of choice.  It can also mean money for college in the form of scholarships.  Because this test is so important, many students spend hours studying.  Being prepared to take the exam can relieve some of the stress of taking the SAT.
College Prep Genuis SAT Prep DVD Set Review
As a member of the TOS Crew, I received College Prep Genius DVD Set to help my high school student prepare to take the SAT exam.  The complete program retails for $99.00 and includes: College Prep Genius 2nd Edition Textbook ($49.95), Workbook ($19.95) and DVD ($59.95).  Purchased individually these items would cost $129.85.


Thoughts from BooBear (age 16, 11th grade):

I like how the program explains the purpose of the SAT test. The SAT is a logic or thinking test not a fact test. Knowing that helps me to understand how to study. I like how the program is laid out.  I read the sections in the text book, then I watch the DVD.  I didn’t do this part but I want to start making my acronym cards while working through the text reading so that I don’t lose a day making the cards to memorize.  When I’ve memorized the acronyms for that test section, I work through the practice test in the workbook.  After working through the workbook, I plan on going to the College Board site and taking practice tests. I’m really glad to have help coaching me for the SAT.

My Thoughts:

I love that this is independent. BooBear has been able to take this and run with it and work it into her schedule.  We meet once every week to week and a half to touch base.  I love that College Prep Genius suggests setting up a College Board account.  BooBear has one and I have a parent account.  I like the easy to read layout of the textbook.  I appreciate the “Fun Tips” such as “Sometimes when there are two answer choices that are opposites, one of them will usually be the correct answer.” or “If there are two answer choices that are similar in meaning, then they are both wrong because the test leaves no room for subjectivity.”

I wish we had known more about the PSAT and National Merit Scholarship sooner.  I love that College Plus Genius’s SAT Prep course also prepares students for the PSAT.  Turtlegirl (age 14) and Tailorbear will both  work through this program in the future. For homeschool students planning on taking the PSAT/NMSQT and/or the SAT, College Prep Genius 2nd Edition is an excellent choice for preparing for the exams.

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