The Last Day of 2011

If you regularly read my blog, you’ll have noticed that I really haven’t posted in the month of December.  In fact this is my 4th post of the whole month!  I had such high hopes of blogging about Advent and then blogging about our wonderful Christmas but I guess instead I just kind of took a blogging break.

On my blog in 2012 you can look forward to a review of Joshua Harris’s novel I Kissed Dating Goodbye.  I also have a pending review for Booksneeze: a children’s Bible story book called Hero’s and Villains.  I also have a couple of pending TOS reviews: a Zeeguide to the Movies from Zeezok and a history video program called Learn Our History.  There are more TOS Reviews coming up and I’ll keep my sidebar updated.

In January I hope to post a year in review and/or a goal type post.  Or better than goal perhaps a “where I’d like to be on Dec 31, 2012”.  I am planning and hoping to participate in more recipe memes.  I like Tasty Tuesday but I so often forget to post!  And there is a soup one for the month of January.  That sounds yummy and interesting.  I’ve been finding it difficult to participate in the Review Crew’s Blog Cruise which is currently on break.  I’d like to participate more regularly with that when it resumes. 

I can’t say that I am really sorry to see 2011 go bye bye.  It’s been a rough fall for me and I’m hoping the New Year will bring a much need uplift for me.  I’ve got a new paper “Plan Ahead” planner by Mead (a lovely Christmas gift from Turtlegirl.).  I really love the layout.  Each month starts with a two page month at a glance followed by a two page week at a glance for each week of that month.   I tried and tried and tried to make my TOS Planner do that for me and it just didn’t have the right monthly and weekly forms for me.  Still, using my TOS planner and the Weekly Planning pages are perfect right now for trying to plan out what to accomplish for school to get caught up.  I guess you could say that I really dropped the ball on being organized in 2011 and I need to be more organized in 2012, especially with my time.

Oh and expect some changes on my blog.  I woke up a few days ago to find my blog all messed up so I started playing with backgrounds.  Since I’ve been celebrating the Holidays, I haven’t really played with my available options for blog backgrounds. 

I’ve been informed that our New Year’s Eve snacky food style supper awaits.  We’ll play some games and eat our way to the New Year.  See you next year!  Oh and here is a pic of our feast tonight!




  1. What you can't see are the little bbq sausages and the cheese ball. Yum!


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