Goal Planning Monday 1/2/12


Oh hey!  Look at that! Today is 1-2-12.  I love things like that.  Well today is Monday and over at Mama Manuscripts, mama hosts a meme for Goal Planning.  Since today is the first Monday of the New Year I’m thinking it’s not such a bad idea to get something down for this week.  You know get the year started on the right foot so to speak. 

Goal #1.. take a nap  (ok ok I only put that so that I can say I actually did accomplish something.  Does it count that I fell asleep while reading aloud to Supergirl?  I just laid my head down and someone covered me with a blanket.  But I got a nap!)

Goal #2… build consistency.  Today BooBear and I talked about being focused and consistent.  I’m trying to narrow down our focus so that we can become consistent in that one area and then add another area, build consistency etc.  This week’s focus is building consistency with school specifically for BooBear it is focusing on her Sonlight Core 300 studies.  We’re still officially on Christmas Break but this week is “catch up on what was supposed to be done before Christmas Break”.  I also need to be more consistent with Supergirl.  Hence the reading aloud which admittedly didn’t go so well today since I fell asleep but I do have a plan for this week!

Goal #3… Get back into the swing of meal planning with E-mealz.  Tonight is planned as “pizza hut $10 any pizza” night and tomorrow night is beef chow mein (homemade.  Recipe calls for ground pork but I’m using ground beef cause that’s what I have)  I do need to figure out meals for the rest of the week.  Friday is a Feast Day so I want to plan something special.  I’m thinking of either making lasagna or my father’s “stuffed peppers” (really not stuffed peppers but the most awesomest pasta sauce in the whole world).  So goal #3 for this week.. make sure we have a dinner plan for each night of the week so we don’t end up spending money on things like McDonald’s)

I think I’ll leave it at 3 before the list becomes more of an impossible to do list rather than something I’m striving for.  What are your goals for this week?  Want to join us?  You can read her guidelines here.  You can link to her post this week here.


  1. Have you seen the list going around Facebook that is a To-Do list and goes:

    1) Write List
    2) Make Neat Check boxes
    3) Check off the first two things


    Glad you got a nap!


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