Goal Planning Monday 2/20


I haven’t done a Goal Planning Monday post in several weeks (month? months?)

Right now I have to say my primary goal this week is survival.  We all started to feel like we were coming down with something so I made “virus killing soup”.  That was over a week ago.  I think all I did was push off the illness.

One by one, yes, like dominos, the members of my family fell.  All sick of us are fighting this cold/virus thing but the stage varies from person to person.  Turtlegirl was hit first closely followed by her father.  Next Supergirl went down followed by her mother (that would be me!).  Tailorbear fell hard today and close on her heels is her sister BooBear.

So this week is survival.  We’ll get done what we get done.  A serious goal is to not get too far behind where we want to be for school but as Great Lent approaches I would rather we spend the week taking it easy and getting our strength back so that we can participate right away in the extra church services.  I especially do not want to miss Forgiveness Sunday.

Do you have any goals this week?  What are your plans for the week? Check out Mama Manuscripts Goal Planning Post for this week.


  1. I've had weeks like that - where survival is the only real goal! Hope you are all feeling better!


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