The Measure of Success

Blog Cruise ButtonIt’s been a long while since I’ve participated in a TOS Blog Cruise. This week Marcy asks “How do you measure success in your homeschool?”

At first I thought, “I have nothing to say.”  Measure success? Many days just getting school work done is a mark of success.

Seriously, a successful day, a day I feel really good about, (which happens every now and again but not nearly often enough) is a day where I feel I have accomplished something.   All four girls getting 90 % or more of their assignment sheets complete, a couple loads of laundry done, and dinner actually made.  That’s a successful day in my life.

But how to measure achievement in my homeschool?  How do I know that my efforts in providing an education for my children is successful?  Is it all about grades? 

Nope.  As I type this I realize it is very much NOT about grades.  It’s about learning.  It’s about growing.  It’s about building character.  So how do you measure those things?  Can those things be measured?

For me, the measure of success is a light up look in the eyes, or a smile of delight at a discovery.  Sometimes, success is laughter or yes, even tears.  Those are outward signs of the successful work of learning, growing, and building.

“Mama, 2+2= 4.  I remembered!” “Mom, relationships are hard.”  “Look!  Look!  I got it!  I solved the problem!”  When I hear those things, I know I’ve been successful in my home school. 

This topic: How do you measure success in your homeschool? Will be live on the TOS Blog Tuesday, February, 7th.  You will be able to click on the link and go straight to this question.  Until then, please enjoy re-visiting past Blog Cruise topics.


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