A Vegetarian Cat?

Well not really.  George does really like meat.  But he doesn’t discriminate.  Sometimes we eat in the family room and Supergirl has her little “table” (it’s a footstool).  If we don’t pick her plate up right away and if we’ve been eating green beans it is not unusual to find the cat eating her vegetables.  (Doesn’t touch her meat though just her veggies!)

A few Bountiful Baskets ago we found George trying to nibble on some lettuce.  Since then we’ve tried to be careful not to leave our baskets where he would be inclined to snack.

This morning we left the basket unguarded and we found him nibbling away at some lettuce.



Here is photographic evidence of his nibbles.  It shouldn’t surprise me that he likes lettuce because he likes green beans.  But it is a tad bit disconcerting to find the kitty eating a salad!


A full, satisfied, contented kitty who now needs a nap!


  1. LOL Well that's something you don't see everyday.

  2. Oh, how odd! We've had animals that did weird things like that too. Our boston terrior eats practically anything of human food. Our dog, Shelby, who died a while ago, used to eat rubberbands, and klennex's (and maybe crayons too!). =)

  3. Cute! Cats can be so humorous:) Yours is very pretty, too!


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