B is for (not) Broken Bones


I had originally planned to write my Blogging through the alphabet letter B post on Books.   I like books.  I have lots of books.  I was even going to post pictures of bookcases.

But I spent the late morning/early afternoon at urgent care getting x-rays of my foot to make sure that when I smashed my toes, I didn’t actually break the bones.

I have no idea exactly how it happened.  I mean I know what happened.  I know how my foot (my toes specifically) got hut but I don’t know the WHY of the how.  I mean how does one NOT know where one’s foot is?  How does one get so distracted that when one is pulling the chair forward, she puts it down (with full force and full weight in the chair) ON the foot.  How?  How did I do that?

I guess I just wasn’t paying enough attention to what I was doing.  One of the girls was talking at me.  I was trying to get my breakfast and I had some computer work I was doing.

We don’t have the official report from the radiologist but it does look like I only managed to damage the soft tissue of three toes at the base of the toe.   No visible breaks, cracks or fractures in the bones.

I’ve been told that it could take weeks to heal and I am to take it easy for the next couple of days.   Ibuprofen is my friend.  The ice pack is my friend.  I am very glad that I am writing a post that says that B is (NOT) for Broken Bones instead of telling ya’ll that I broke bones. 

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  1. Ouch!!! I'm glad that no bones are broken, but it sounds painful! Hope you heal up very quickly.

    (I did write B is for Books, and I think several others did too. Yours is more original! ;-) LOL)

  2. poor thing. I hope those not broken toes heal quickly!

  3. Your planned post sounds very much like the one I wrote :). Take it easy! Do what they say!

    Amy B in CA

  4. I am so thankful no bones were broken, but know that it still hurts and it is still a wound.
    Know you have my prayers and hugs.


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