D is for Daughters


A, B, D….  Did you notice I skipped C?  Yup.  I missed last week’s Blogging Through the Alphabet and that was the letter C.  So I’m going to sneak in a quick little C blurb.  You won’t tell on me, right?

C is for Cell Phone.  Cell Phones have been around for years and years.  My first cell phone was a shared phone and was really more of my husband’s phone  It was 1998 and we decided it would be good to have so that we could get in touch with Daddy very easily.  We have had one or two cell phones ever since.  We’re not really cell phone people.  We have the phones mostly for convenience and emergency. 

I could almost live without my phone and most days I do.  But since there are times I do need a phone, I was rather bummed when my daughter informed my husband that my cell phone was now cleaner than any phone should be.  And dry too.  Yup, it went through the washer and then through the dryer.  Honeybear and I set off to the store to replace my phone.  We came with an upgrade for me, an upgrade for him and somehow or another we ended up with a third phone!  Yes, we decided it was time that our oldest daughter have a cell phone.  She would borrow mine when she’d go babysitting or to youth group activities but now she can have her own.

So speaking of daughters, that brings me to the letter d and the real subject of this post <grin>.  I’m rather embarrassed to confess that I couldn’t think of a D topic so I asked my girls.  I said “girls.  I need a topic for the letter D.”  One replied “dinner.”  Another replied “daughters.  You have enough of them.”  <hangs head> why didn’t I think of daughters?

I have incredible daughters.  They are beautiful, witty, talented and bring such joy and happiness to our lives.  Consider this more of a “photo post”


My musical BooBear.  She sings in the choir at church and delights us here at home with her piano playing.





Technically my second born, Supergirl who wants to be just like her sisters and on the day of this picture that meant playing outside in the snow!







Turtlegirl always has her nose in a book.  She’s always been my bookworm!





Tailorbear isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty and loves to help in the kitchen. I’m grateful that she doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty!



Aren’t they beautiful?


This post is linked up to Marcy’s blog Ben & Me as part of the Blogging through the Alphabet  meme.  Come and join us this week as we blog through the letter D.


  1. Daughters are lovely, I know, I have 2 wonderful ones as well. I thought doing this meme when it started but never did. I though about joining up still, but if I did I can't decide if I would just jump in our the letter for this week or try and do A-D in one post??

  2. Your daughters are beautiful! I wrote a D is for Daughter post as well.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful picture! Amazing how much they are grown up.


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