E is for Eating


I’ve been silent for over a week on my blog.  It’s not that I haven’t had anything to say.  (If you know me “in real life” you know I always have something to say <grin>) Nor has it been overly busy here.  Oh we’ve been busy but not so busy that I couldn’t take a few minutes and write a blog post.

No,  we had some pretty big stuff happening here and I’ve been trying to process.   I don’t usually post twice in a day especially when I’ve been, to use a theater term, dark for so long but look for another post later today about the new season in my life. 

So now on to the topic at hand.  I really am enjoying the Blogging Through the Alphabet meme that Marcy is hosting over at her blog Ben & MeToday is the end of the E week.

I’ve been struggling to find something that begins with the letter E.   Elephants?  Everything?  Expectations?  Wait.  I haven’t blogged about Bountiful Baskets or shared some of my photos of the great edible fruits and veggies.  E is for Edible? Um.. Edible fruits?  As opposed to what wax fruits? Nope that doesn’t work for me.

E is for Eating.  Eating great fruits and veggies from Bountiful Baskets Food Co-Op.   I don’t have a picture from my last basket which included potatoes, cabbage, and savoy.  I had never really heard of savoy.  (We haven’t eaten it yet.  I’m going to go on a recipe hunt for a soup recipe for dinner tonight.  I’ve heard that savoy is like a cross between kale and cabbage so I’m thinking I should be able to make a nice lenten soup to have tonight.)

So here are some pictures of some great fruits and veggies  we have been eating. (These pictures are from several different baskets we have received over the last couple of months)


We love eating the variety of fruits and veggies.  We love eating asparagus roasted.  I discovered that the only way to eat brussel sprouts is to roast them.  With lots of garlic!  Turtlegirl especially enjoys eating apples right out of the fridge (after washing them of course).  Honeybear doesn’t especially enjoy eating soup but he’s been eating soup I make with things like celery, potatoes and cauliflower.  What do you especially enjoy eating?

Have an E topic you want to share? Come join in at the Blogging Through The Alphabet meme.


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