Guest Review! Screwtape Letters Study Guide

As I sat down to write my review for Progeny Press I began to question the girls.  I needed to get a better feel for the study guides.  They used them.  I just looked them over.  Turtlegirl suggested that she write the review.  So this is her guest review. 

Turtlegirl’s Review of Progeny Press study Guide for the Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis.

My mom was given the opportunity to review The Screwtape Letters study guide from Progeny Press. C.S. Lewis’s epistolary novel is well known for its spiritual and cultural legacy. Since I was already supposed to read the book and answer questions about the book for school, my mom and I decided it would be good for me (and BooBear) to shoot for this review product.

The Study Guide consists of a single PDF file thing (Mom, what’s it called again?) that enables the typing up of answers on the computer, instead of having to print it out. [Tess Notes: We received, the interactive study guide, the answer key and a read me file for the interactive study guide.]

The Study Guide was designed  for the person to read the book and then complete the guide. However, I just read what I needed to read for each section or two and then completed the section(s) for those letters.

Each section included a Vocabulary section, a ‘Questions’ section, an Analysis section, and a ‘Digging Deeper’ section. At the end were ‘Optional Activities’ which are supposed to help you take what you learn from the book and apply it to real life. (What is ‘real’ life? What does Screwtape mean by ‘real’ life? are some questions you would find in the guide.)

I enjoyed the vocabulary sections because each one was different. Plus, I have always loved vocabulary. The Analysis and Digging Deeper questions often required a Bible, and as I am not good at navigating a Bible that was a little difficult. A lot of times it felt like they were using the Screwtape Letters to springboard self-examination. I’m not sure if I like that.  But I do enjoy the general ‘questions’ section because that is more reading comprehension. It usually includes questions like: What event prompts Wormwood to become ‘delirious with joy’? Those are the kind of questions I enjoy answering.

For me, the Study Guide was fun, and I was glad that for the most part the questions were open-ended. I don’t like being put in a box. So I was happy that I wasn’t put in a box.  The questions were also thought-provoking. That was nice because usually I like thinking.

I’m about halfway through the Study Guide, but I have looked ahead at the Final Essays. Mom and I haven’t discussed which ones of those I’m going to do yet. I am looking forward to completing this Study Guide, and I would love it if my Mom got me another one! (Hint, hint.) 

Review by Turtlegirl, Age 14 Grade 9.

Please note that I (Tess) received this study guide for free through TOS Homeschool Crew for review purposes.  This review is my daughter’s honest opinion.  Click on the link to read my review: TOS Review: Progeny Press Study Guides.


  1. I love hearing Turtelgirl's thoughts about the Study Guides. Thanks for sharing them. Addison was strongly hinting for more also.

  2. I love this review! She did a fantastic job.... Makes me wish I had started the Crew a bit earlier, aka you just cost me money.

    Amy B

  3. Well done on a great review! We loved doing ours too.

  4. enjoyed reading the reviews from you and from Turtlegirl! It's really helpful to get the thoughts of the students actually using the products. We also liked the study guides and may be using them in the future.

  5. I love this idea. Ben does have his own blog, so I think I may have start writing some reveiws that I can link to in my reviews as well.

    Good job, Turtlegirl!

  6. We enjoyed it too. I started a pinterest board for all the guides that go along with our Sonlight cores. lol

  7. Good job, Turtlegirl! Great review (and good book :) )


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