Manic Monday oh wait it’s Wednesday

It’s early for me.  It’s only 6:30 am.  I’ve been up for half an hour now.  The house is quiet.  Somewhere down the hall my husband is getting ready for work.  I hear the heat kick on and I hear the air being forced out.  The girls are still sleeping.

I have a to do list a mile and a half long but I’m not sure where to start.  It’s Wednesday and I’m looking forward to going to Liturgy tonight.  There’s things to do to prepare for church (Such as make sure we all have  clean clothes and get the soup prepared ahead of time so it can stay warm in the crock pot until we get home.).

And I have things like look over review products to figure out a plan to use them.  (Just got THREE new homeschool products to review for the Crew.)  And I’ve got some reviews coming up (look for Creek Edge Press in the next day or two), so I have some research and writing to do for those reviews.


Here is hours later.  The sun is shining brightly.  I’ve washed two loads of laundry (one load of towels and one load of darks).  Tailorbear made bagels for breakfast.  But something is missing.  Something still nags at me.  It tugs at my heart.  I ignore it.

I’ve done Art of Argument with the three big girls.  Meanwhile Supergirl was supposed to be using the white board easel to practice her letters.  Instead she did this:


Finished with Art of Argument and confronted with the antics of a disagreeable little girl, my heart can take it no longer.   PRAY.   My heart cries out “you forgot to pray.”  I realize that what I crave; what I need is some time with the Lord.  It is Lent and I told myself I would spend more time in prayer. 

I grabbed my prayer book and hid in my room.  After completing mid-day prayers with my own private devotions, I flip through my booklet and I find this nugget.  (How have I missed this one?!)

Almighty God, our Help and Refuge, Fountain of of wisdom and Tower of strength, who knowest that I can do nothing without Thy guidance and help; assist me, I pray Thee, and direct me to divine wisdom and power, that I might accomplish this task, and whatever I may undertake to do, faithfully and diligently, according to Thy will, so that it may be profitable to myself and others, and to the glory of Thy Holy Name. For Thine is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory, of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit: Now and ever and unto ages of ages amen.

My heart longed to be filled and now that I’ve met that longing, my stomach longs to be filled. 


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