A New Season

I took a little break from blogging this past week.  But it’s been an eventful week worthy of a couple of different blog posts.

Last week the calendar announced “First Day of Spring”.   That first day of spring wasn’t very spring like here at all but towards the end of week we did have some gorgeous spring like days full of sunshine.  But this post isn’t about spring.

As a mother I entered into a new chapter or season of motherhood:  all of my children are teenagers.  At least chronologically.   I have been a mother for nearly 17 years and I gave birth to my last baby 13 years ago.

On the first day of spring, my “baby” girl celebrated the anniversary of her birth.  She became an “official” teenager.  Her age now ends with the word teen.  She’s thirteen.

I look at her and though I can see the beautiful, thoughtful, kind and caring young woman she is becoming, I still see my little girl. The baby who demanded to nurse every 2 hours, the daring toddler who had to explore the whole world.  The preschooler whose motto was a stranger is just a friend whose name I haven’t learned.

She jumps into things with both feet and drives me utterly insane by not doing things in a more logical sane matter but oh grateful I am that she is my daughter.  I can not imagine life without her.

So I begin a new season of motherhood: a season where all my girls are teens. 

Happy Birthday, Tailorbear.  I love you very much.



  1. What a milestone indeed!

    Happy Birthday, Tailorbear! Many Years


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