Q is for Quotable Quotes

I haven’t done a Blogging Through the Alphabet post in a really long time.  I took an unintended break but Marcy over at Ben and Me kept on going.  She’s up to Q now.  Q?  Q!?!  Quiet? Quake? Quote? (those were suggestions from Marcy herself <grin>) or maybe Quickly? Queenly? 

Well, if you read the subject line, then you know I decided on Quotable Quotes.  I’m always telling myself I need to write down those funny things my children say before I forget them.  I think I’ve forgotten most of them.  I may have already blogged about the ones I remembered but I think I have a new one or two I can talk about here.

Supergirl is developmentally at an age where what she says can be so entertaining. The other day ~one of the very few sunny days we’ve had this June~ she was chatting with her sister.  What BooBear heard was “Do you remember the <mumble mumble garbled sound>?”  Boo asked Supergirl to say it again.  After a few more attempts to get her older sister to understand she gave up and said “The [pool], you know, the bathtub outside.” 

I think my favorite quote though is the one involving Frank, the combine that acted like a Bull, in the Disney/Pixar movie Cars.  Tailorbear was telling Supergirl’s  Physical Therapist all about the movie.  “and then Frank, he’s a concubine, chased Lightning.”  Me: (trying not to be mortified and at the same time wondering where on earth she had ever heard that word!) “I think you mean, combine, dear.”  (Oh just where did she hear that word?  The BIBLE.  *sigh*  But no she didn’t know what it meant she just confused the two similar sounding words.)

I often twist my words around.  I wish I could say I stopped doing this when I grew up but either I haven’t grown up yet or I still keep doing it.  Many years ago, the spring before I met my husband, I was in a park with a friend.  We were in Birmingham England.  The trees had just started to have little leaf buds on their twigs.  I said “look, Carrie, the leaves have trees.”  Leaves have trees???!!!  We laughed until our sides hurt and from that point on it stuck.  Now every spring I say “the leaves have trees.”  At least I don’t have to explain it my husband and children anymore.

Is there a quote that one of your children have said that sticks in your memory?  Or maybe you’re like me and something funny you’ve said has stuck around? I’d love to hear what you or your children have said.

Be sure and stop over at Blogging through the Alphabet to read what Marcy has written.  You can read what other bloggers have written or write your own post and link it up!



  1. Cute quotes! My kids have said some of the funniest things over the years, and I mean to write them down - but I haven't always done it. Some of the mixed-up or misspoken things we've said have become part of the family language too, like your "leaves have trees" quote. LOL

    Last year there was a time when my DH made a joke about our kids being unsocialized, and my daughter responded: "I'm not unsocialized! I worked really hard on my Math today - ask me a multiplication question. I know almost all of them." LOL


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