Which book, which book? So many books, so little summer!

The weather and the calendar disagree.  The weather has been dark, gloomy, cold and wet. The calendar says June. June means summer. Summer means reading fun books just for the pleasure of reading.

We’ll be schooling through the summer not taking much of a break from home education but because it’s summer, we’ll be adding in some just for fun books. 

We’ve decided that we’d like to do some of our summer reading as family read alouds.  The girls threw out suggestions such as The Jungle Book, or The Westing Game.  Perhaps we should read Treasure Island or re-read (again) the Chronicles of Narnia? I bet the girls would be thrilled if Daddy read any of the Percy Jackson series books.

Speaking of the Westing Game, Turtlegirl shared her reason for wanting this book read aloud again. (we’ve already read it aloud twice I think, and I’m fairly certain a couple of the girls have read it again on her own a time or two!) She says that she has fond memories of the first time we read the book. She had just learned a new vocabulary word, “carcass”.  She knew the word meant “dead body”.  She didn’t realize it referred to the dead body of an animal and not to human beings.  She continued to explain that her fond memory includes thinking that she was sure “they had discovered the carcass of Mr. Westing.” She went on to explain that she now knows it would have been a cadaver.

Whatever we decide to read this summer, I know that we’ll be making some great family memories.  On Tuesday the Schoolhousereview Crew: Blog Cruise will resume with the topic Summer Reading. After Tuesday you can read what other crew members are reading this summer.  In the meantime you can read past Blog Cruise Topics.



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