The Best Laid Plans and All That Jazz

A few weeks ago I posted about my plans for preparing for our staycation.  And several days after that I posted a list of 10 Family Fun Ideas for Summer.  Many of those ideas were planned for our staycation.  But you know the phrase, the best laid plans, well they didn’t go so well.

As Life does so often, it threw us a curveball or to use another clich√© it threw a monkey wrench into the cog wheel of my well oiled machine plans.  I got sick. Sick enough to need to go to Urgent Care.  Sick enough that I couldn’t do the work that I planned.  And then I got sicker.  The bacteria was resistant to the antibiotics I was originally prescribed and I needed new ones.

I also learned that I have allergies.  Most likely seasonal and pollen related.  Bad allergies.  No sneezing.  No itchy watery eyes.  Nope not for me.  I have to be different.  I get a cough.  A cough from the pits of hell that does not respond to any kind of cough medicine known to man or at least to me.  I thought I had another bug.  Something serious like Whooping Cough.  In fact at my second trip to the UC I was tested for pertussis.  A week and a day later after the FIRST Urgent Care visit I am feeling better.

I still have a few more days of my staycation and I promise to post about the lemonade we made from those lemons that life handed out. I might even have a picture or two to share. 

For now, I’m going to go play games with my family and be thankful that I am no longer sounding like I’m at death’s door with my cough.


  1. I am so sorry to hear you have been sick. Don't 'ya hate when our great plans don't turn out to be His! ;). Praying you're starting to feel better and excited to hear how you salvaged you staycation!


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