Backyard Wildlife: Birds

Over the summer I started blogging about the wildlife that we’ve seen in our backyard.  I’ve been planning this post about birds forever (ok it just feels that way!) but haven’t taken the time to finish it.

October is here.  It’s been a beautiful month so far.  An unusual month for us actually.  Lots of sunshine and little to no rain.  October heralds the wet winter season but my grass isn’t green.  It’s brown.  It looks like a strange type of science fiction alternate universe August outside.  Brown, dried out grass with leaves that are just beginning to change colors.  We have green grass most of the year.  We tend to need to mow the lawn from March through November. (Though really unless you water your lawn regularly the only thing that needs mowing in August are the weeds.)

The sunshine this afternoon reminds me of the spring and that brings me back to wildlife in the backyard.  We had a bird family move into my beautiful plant.  They built a nest and laid an egg or two or three.  

Here’s a picture of the plant before the birds moved in:


Do you recognize it?  It’s the plant that is my header and my button for my blog.  We moved it from one side of the house to the other and it didn’t do as well and the birds moved in.  We couldn’t water or care for the plant with the bird family living there.

Here’s a picture of one of the parent birds. The bird is near the center of the photo. You cannot see the babies. 


Those parents would squawk and make all kinds of noises whenever we opened the back door.  They would fly to the the trampoline or grill and just let us have it with their angry chirps.  Well, if you didn’t move into the plant hanging by my back door, we wouldn’t disturb you Mr. and Mrs. Bird!  I confess to laughing when my husband was grilling and the lid was closed.  The bird landed but couldn’t stay because the lid was hot. I promise we never disturbed the nest.  The bird pictures were taken from INSIDE the house.

This one is my favorite of the baby bird. The sun provides a spotlight on the baby’s head and you can see the little beak:


Are you worried about the plant?  With a little loving and some daily watering the plant has made a comeback.  Even now in October it still has lots of leaves.  No flowers that we can see at the moment but it has been very cold at night.

What wildlife have you been seeing your backyard?


  1. Those are beautiful. I did recognize it from your header; what an amazing flower to have blooming in your yard. I've been seeing lots of birds out our windows.


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