I know today is NOT 12-12-12.  That awesome cool date was LAST week.  (Wednesday to be specific) Though I wanted to post, I just couldn’t squeeze it in that day because I was working fast and furiously trying to get home school records in order for my oldest to get her college application in before the December deadline.

Because I just knew I wasn’t going to get my wonderful 12-12-12 post done I quickly grabbed the children and snapped a picture so I would have a RECORD of some type of this momentously cool date.



I really wanted a picture that captured the moment and the above picture was taken at 12 minutes after 12 O’clock on 12-12-12 or it was taken at 12:12 on 12/12/12.   What were you doing at 12:12 on 12-12-12?

Oh and yes the oldest did get her college application finished.  I did get a transcript made and a senior year course schedule.  Now we wait and see if she if’s accepted.


  1. I hope she is accepted. (stopping by from the crew)

  2. That is so great that you captured them at 12:12. I am impressed! What a fun memory.

  3. We were sewing with my Aunt and the time slipped by without a picture.

  4. I didn't think to take a picture at that exact time. Whoops! Neat that you will have this reminder.


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