Christmas Preparations

This week we’ve set aside school to focus on preparing for the Christmas Season celebrations.  As I’ve mentioned before, we celebrate the 12 days.  Christmas Eve becomes ripe with anticipation and December 25th marks the Feast of the Nativity of Lord and Savior.  That feasting will continue through Jan 6th.  Ok ok.  There’ll be a short break from the feasting on January 5th for the preparation for the great feast of Theophany.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of these preparations.  I’ve got Christmas crafts/gifts to complete, cookies to bake, menus to plan, and cleaning to do.  I also have to get the Christmas cards sent, and the presents wrapped.

This week I’m making an effort to include a slow-down-and-enjoy-the-season memory making activity each day.  I don’t want the holidays to be so busy that we’re stressed out. 

And I don’t want us to be so busy with preparations and cleaning that we forgot *why* we are celebrating.  From the last line of one of the Kontakion (in Tone 3) “Since for our sake The eternal God was born as a little child.”  (Kontakion are short hymns for saints or events.  This one is appointed for Christmas).

To remind us of the reasons for celebrating we’re listening to Christmas carols, rich in theology, about God becoming man and dwelling around us.  It is so much more than an anniversary of a birth; it is the celebration of the greatest gift ever given.  God gave himself to us so that we might be reconciled with him.  That is the celebration I am preparing for.


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