O is for Ordinary

Here we are just two days before Christmas,  We’re at letter O for the Blogging Through The Alphabet.  Being so close to Christmas it would make sense to do something like O is for Ornaments and I could very easily do a whole post about ornaments.  But I found a bunch of “ordinary” pictures.  Pictures of us doing boring ordinary things.  Here are just a few.




Sleeping.  Something we do everyday.  Not necessarily daily on the couch though. Smile






Yard work. Another ordinary activity. This was taken in the spring after the major ice storm of January 2012







School work.  Boring.  But it’s something ordinary that we do nearly everyday.







More school work.  Doing school with the cat on the lap is a pretty ordinary event for us.









I wish that goofing off during school wasn’t an ordinary activity.  I wish that it didn’t happen so frequently with so much regularity.





It’s the ordinary moments of life that truly make life special.

Blogging Through the Alphabet

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  1. Loved this, and seeing the beautiful in ordinary. Have a wonderful Christmas!

    ~Charlotte from the Crew

  2. I'm glad you're celebrating the ordinary. I fear that I miss so much of the ordinary because I'm too busy or distracted to notice the beauty in the every days (or any days).


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