Just a Little Silliness

One of the blog memes that I really enjoy participating in is Think Back Thursday hosted by Debbie over at Debbie’s Digest.  I do strive to post on Thursdays but I never seem to quite make it so I am thankful the linky stays open so I can add in sometime during the week.

This week’s theme is silly and since I am needing some silly right now it sounds perfect to me.   One of the things that makes my family special is the silly ways we goof off and make each other laugh.

This picture makes me smile.  It is just so Turtlegirl.  Big silly glasses and eating a pickle.   I think this was taken when she was about 5 1/2.


I don’t know why but my girls were always trying to sit or climb into the strangest places.  So here is one silly girl sitting in a kitchen trash can!  She had just turned 3 a few days earlier.  Tailorbear being silly!


Playing dress up gives you a chance to be silly and make up stories.  BooBear and Turtlegirl decided to put on a silly play about “the lady who was on the boat for a very long time.” 


Being silly isn’t just for childhood.  Grown-ups can be silly, too!  In this first “grown ups being silly photo” my husband was goofing off with the girls in the kitchen.  He put a cabbage leaf on his head and began to sing a silly song (I guess he thought he was a vegetable like Larry the cucumber or something.)


I think my husband enjoys being silly.  We had the opportunity to do some skits with friends.  Doesn’t my husband make a very sill looking lady?  (Think Shakespeare, Midsummer Night’s Dream, the play within a play)


I think this last picture though has to be my favorite one of all.  It is my mother sitting on my grandmother’s lap!  They were both laughing and having fun. 



  1. Thanks for linking up Tess.

    I especially love the picture of you hubby with the cabbage leaf on his head. My family is silly too. My one son, Nathan has so many silly pictures... his graduation ceremony slide show was full of them! Including some photos of him sitting in silly things... like in a crate with his little brother. My hubby can be silly too but I rarely have a camera to catch him at it.

    I always leave the linky up so you are welcome to participate and link up late. Have a great rest of the week and weekend.

  2. That is sweet of your Mom and Grandma.

  3. Love, love, love that last picture! So sweet.

    It looks like you guys have a lot of fun at your house.

  4. Haha- great pictures! I especially love the big silly glasses.

  5. When I saw the cabbage on the head I was afraid it was Silly Putty!

    Once, when my daughter was 3, I was teaching a craft group with here older sister, and she was tagging along. We made home made silly putty. Because I was teaching, I couldn't watch here every second. Next thing I knew she had put it on her head, stuck in her long, beautiful hair. Time stopped. I spent hours picking it out bit by bit.

    So glad your hubby chose cabbage!


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