R is for Roasted Brussels Sprouts

This past week has been R week for Blogging Through the Alphabet.  I was going to blog about Reading (and I will) but then I thought no, I’ll do my R post on Reflections.  That didn’t happen either and here it is Sunday and the last night of the R week.  So I’m making dinner.  We’re having Roasted Brussels Sprouts.  R is for a Recipe!  R is for Roasted Brussels Sprouts.


When I was a child I liked Brussels sprouts.  I also liked broccoli and cauliflower.  I knew I was weird even back then.  Nobody else seemed to like those “weird” veggies.  They all preferred corn or peas or carrots.  I like carrots.  I like green beans.  I’ll pass on the peas and corn thank you.  I grew up with Brussels sprouts.  I think my mom always bought frozen ones and she’d toss them in butter.  But then one day, I ate an overcooked Brussels sprout.  It was mushy and the texture was horrible and I couldn’t eat another one.  I just couldn’t.  Not for years.

So the years go by and my children were spared the weirdness of eating Brussels sprouts. At least they were spared for most of their childhood <insert evil laugh here>.  My husband likes Brussels sprouts. So I got brave.  I tried some.  Fresh.  Not frozen.  Steamed only.  And you know what?  They were good.  The key was to make sure you bought small ones (my husband tells me that the big ones are too woody and I think for the most part he is right) and to STEAM them just until tender.  Do NOT.  I repeat: DO NOT over cook your sprouts.  You will regret it.  But though I now I had a happy husband, I didn’t have children who were overly excited about Brussels sprouts.

Not that long ago I made a discovery.  This has changed the way my family views Brussels sprouts.   I now have children who like Brussels Sprouts.  I even have one daughter with whom I have to fight for second helpings, that is even if I have second helpings available)

This isn’t a real recipe.  This is just what I do so I’m not including any hard and fast ingredient amounts.

What you need:

  • Brussels Sprouts: washed, ends trimmed off and large ones cut in half I used 2 lbs of sprouts.


  • Garlic: Lots of it or as much as you like.  We often use 1/2 or more of a large bulb or most of a tiny one.  Chop the garlic but not too finely


  • Butter:  3 tablespoons? I didn’t quite use 1/2 a stick. slice it up and put in the bottom of your 9x 13 (or in my case 11x15)


What to do:

  • Add chopped garlic to butter.  place in oven and heat oven to 425 degrees.  You just want to melt the butter and take advantage of the oven preheating.


  • Remove the melted butter/garlic from oven and add the Brussels sprouts.  I kind of stir them up a bit so that there is some butter over most of each sprout.  Then I try to turn some sprouts to the cut side down.  This gets the leaves extra brown and crispy which is what we like.


  • Roast for about 20 minutes or until tender.  I usually roast between 425 and 450 degrees.  The hotter oven gets the outside nice and brown but doesn’t overcook the sprout causing that disgusting mushy texture.


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  1. That's similar to the way that I did them a while ago, and I've been craving them lately. I should write them on the shopping list instead of just thinking about them.

  2. I love brussel sprouts. I do have to confess I have ony had frozen ones. I can only imagine how much more I will love them after I roast me some in garlic. Yummy! Like Cristi, I will be adding them to the list. Thanks for bringing some more fresh foods to our bellies!

  3. I've never tried brussel sprouts this way. I want some.

  4. oooh, that looks good.
    My dad hates brussel sprouts, I never had them until I was married to my Dh, who likes them a lot.

  5. This looks really delicious! Ok, so I guess I like "weird" veggies, too. I can't wait to try them this way. Thanks so much for linking up with "Try a New Recipe Tuesday!" I hope you will be able to join us again next week. Many blessings, Lisa :-)

  6. Oooh I love them this way! Yum. Works good with cauliflower too, sliced thin.


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