S is for Sundays and Seniors

Oooh that title sounds like I’m going to talk about something really spiritual like visiting a nursing home on Sunday afternoons and visiting with elderly senior citizens.  If you thought that’s what this post is then I apologize.  This post is about a typical Sunday in my home and my daughter who is 1/2 way through her senior year of high school.

I’m sitting here missing my daughter.  It helps that she just called and I got to talk to her but still on a typical Sunday I don’t spend much time with my 17 year old music loving daughter.


Like most people I know things are bit busy maybe even hectic on Sunday morning as people rush about getting ready.  With three “normal” teenagers there’s usually a rush for the bathroom so they can do each other’s hair or to apply some make up.  “Does this look ok?” asks one. “Zip me up” shouts another. 

Once we get to church I lose my oldest.  Remember I said she was the music lover?  She heads over to the choir. 


Sometimes I lose Supergirl.  She seems to have been adopted by the entire church and will often spend Liturgy with a very dear and wonderful family friend.  Sometimes I lose my husband.  He goes off to serve.  Sometimes I lose Tailorbear as she will sometimes head to the back of the church to help with little ones.  I love seeing her sitting on the floor with a toddler or a baby.

I do try to catch up with my family at least for a hug during coffee hour.  Then I lose BooBear again to the choir.  She usually make sure that she says good bye because we do leave her behind and head home.  When she’s done singing she walks up the hill and teaches piano to two little boys. 

So with the hustle of preparation and the losing of self to worship and letting my daughter grow up to go her own way, I just don’t get to spend Sundays with her like I did when she was little.

And on a day like today, it will be even longer before I see her smiling face.  The Youth have an activity today.  I miss her but I’m treasuring those moments that I do get to spend with her because I know it won’t be long before there will more days of the week that she’ll be busy doing her own things.


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  1. I confess I was thinking about the elderly, not your beautiful senior daughter. My oldest is 22 so I totally understand cherishing the moments you do have together.

  2. What a sweet post! Your daughter seems like a great young lady, no wonder you miss her :)

  3. Very sweet words and lovely pictures. I also like seeing your girls sing, sit on the floor with toddlers, love on each other. You are all very attentive and loving towards each other during liturgy. It blessed me.


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