Squirrels and Knights Oh My!

I could title this post the things children say but there are some days.  You don’t know if you should laugh or cry so you laugh because it feels better than crying.  (Ok I laugh because I hate that stuffed up feeling I get from crying.)

Supergirl is very much like a 6 year old 1st grader.  Her actual skill levels cover a wide span but over all 1st grade seems to work.  For history we are using Story of the World Volume 1 by Susan Wise Bauer.  We’re also adding in The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia (The Red Cover version from 2004).  I’m using the activity guide as well.

Yesterday while I read about Sargon, she colored his picture.  Then I pulled out the narration prompts form the activity book.  “Who was Sargon?” I asked.  She responded with “He wanted to rule the world.”  (and wouldn’t you know it but then I had Tears for Fears singing “Everybody wants to rule the world” in my head.)  Ok.  He wanted to rule the world.  That makes sense.  I can get that from what we read.

So then I asked her to expand a bit.  “He got his knights to follow him.”  Knights? Where did that come from? I ignored the word and hoped it would go away.  It didn’t. 

We talked about him conquering the people and I asked her “what happened to the people who didn’t obey?”  Those pesky knights came back. “His knights come and take the people who don’t obey and put them in the dungeon.”

Knights?  Dungeons?  Um, I really thought I was reading about Sargon and the Sumerians.  I wanted to hear words such as military and army.  At least I know she’s been paying attention to her sister Tailorbear’s English lessons.  Tailorbear is using the Medieval themed lessons from Institute for Excellence in Writing.

The crazy things coming from Supergirl didn’t stop with history yesterday.  They carried on today through science.  We’re using Apologia’s Zoology 3: Land Animals book along with the junior notebooking journal.  Today we did the mini-book and vocabulary story.

I ask her if she remembers what habituation means.  She responds “that’s where the animal bites you.”  Huh?  So I probe a bit and redefine what she says.  “You mean that’s when the zoologist gets the animal used to him so he doesn’t bit you.”  “Ok.”   Good.  Move on, right?  So we talk about habituation and how our pets needed to get used to us when we first adopted them.  The pets getting used to us is habituation.  “But George scratched.  Like this.” and she scratches my hand.  *sigh*

“I don’t want the squirrel to bite me.”  (Where did that come from?  She can’t see out the window can she?  I don’t see a squirrel.)  With complete exasperation I reply “we are not habituating the squirrels.”

I’m almost afraid of what tomorrow might bring.


  1. Too cute! I love the silly things children say :)

  2. That is great! Easy for me to say right. I think it is so funny because I can relate to the exacerbated ---huh??--- feeling that comes during those "conversations". ( I use that term loosely) Good luck tomorrow!

  3. Oh, how funny! Sometimes I go to bed still confused about the conversations I've had with my children.

  4. The mind is an amazing thing....My children have named the squirrels in our backyard.

  5. Yep.... Laughter is good. Love the " time travel" aspect of the knights.... It's kind of like she is so immersed in h sister's time period that she is just translating it to what you re reading to her.

  6. Haha! Kids say the silliest things.

  7. Awww, what's frustrating today will be a cherished memory down the road. She is just precious!

  8. lol...I get that too most of the time. It makes me wonder if I'm getting slow on the uptake, or just plain aging..

  9. I love little one's imaginations! I can see where she got knights from, especially if your reading about them in another subject;)
    Here from TOS:)


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