Reading Goals 2013 ~ February Update

Wow!  February already.  I promised myself that I would write at least one post a month about the books I am reading or have finished reading.  So this post counts as my February Update to my Reading Goals for 2013.

I’m happy to share that I finished both of the novels that I was reading.  The Witness by Dee Henderson and The Battle of the Labyrinth by Rick Riordan  I finished The Witness ages ago but just finished Labyrinth a few days ago.  I haven’t decided if I truly liked the Witness but I might read a few more Dee Henderson to see if I like the author. 

I did like the Rick Riordan book and immediately started the last one in the series: The Last Olympian. I’m only on page 12 of 381.  When I realized it doesn’t pick up immediately where Labyrinth left off, I decided to move the Olympian down on my priority list and I started Randy Singer’s False Witness. Mr. Singer ranks as one of my all time favorite authors but as much as I love Mr. Singer, this book is getting moved down my priority list.

Why?  Because I have been wanting to read the Cadfael series by Ellis Peters and I finally put the first two on hold at the library.  I picked them both up yesterday:  A Morbid Taste for Bones and One Corpse Too Many.  Since those are library books I’ll want to read them and then I can go back and finish the other two I started.  I do own (thanks to Paperback Swap) False Witness so I can take all the time I need to read it but I’m borrowing the Cadfael series.

Oh and speaking of adding books to my collection.  In January I posted about having finished The Glory of Green by Judy Christie.  I already owned book 4 on the NOOK but recently I added book 5 to my NOOK book collection.  I have really enjoyed the Green series and I am looking forward to reading both books 4 and 5 but I am NOT starting them until I have finished some of my “currently reading books.”

So what about the classics and poetry?  I am having the most difficult time reading Jane Eyre.  I’m on chapter 15.  I did accomplish finishing chapter 14 but I keep finding other things to do or read.  Everyone I know has loved the book but I find it so hard for to get into.  I think it was just too emotional for me to read all the injustices committed against Jane by her family and then by the headmaster of the school.  I think I need to find some reward or motivation.   I DO want to finish it.  *sigh*

I restarted Charles Dickens’s “The Christmas Carol”. The version I have is part of a short story collection but I am only planning to read “A Christmas Carol”.  I have been reading Shel Silverstein’s Where the Sidewalk Ends.  I pick it up once or twice a week and read several poems. The ones I really like, I read aloud to anybody or nobody and I read them two or three times.  I think my cat, George is developing an appreciation for poetry, or maybe he just likes hearing my voice‘

What are you reading?  Have you recently read a fabulous book?  I’d love to add more books to my “To Be Read” list.


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