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I’ve been meaning to write a gratitude or thankful post about the TOS Review Crew and this week’s letter ( T ) is just the right motivation to put pen to paper fingers to keyboard.

Vendors started shipping products in early January for the 2013 Crew year.  I am so excited that the new crew year is in full swing now.  I’m currently reviewing several products (check out my upcoming reviews list in the right side bar) and I am just so thankful for the reviews I have been assigned.

Supergirl is the busiest at the moment but I know some materials are on the way that haven’t quite made it to my upcoming list yet.  So here’s what Supergirl is reviewing:

  • Handwriting without Tears ~ She’s using the 1st grade book.  And we are really enjoying it! 
  • A+ Tutorsoft Math ~  She’s using the 1st Grade online program.  The multimedia lessons are pretty cute.
  • Song School Spanish~  I think this is the highlight of her school day!  She loves listening to the CD every day. 

BooBear is busy hunting for scholarships for college for the fall and she’s using College Common Sense to help her navigate it all.  Turtlegirl is using it as well to help her research potential colleges.  I’m thankful that I have this resource for Turtlegirl. The timing was perfect!  She asked me about researching colleges and the same day we received College Common Sense!

Tailorbear and Turtlegirl are both so excited to be studying The Elements of Art and Composition the NEW 3rd Edition High School book 1 art program from ARTistic Pursuits.  We just received it a few days ago and both girls have already completed the first lesson!  I am so grateful for the Crew because both girls have been begging for help with drawing instruction.  I am no artist and I don’t play one on tv either.  Art is just “not my thing”.

But it’s isn’t just getting great stuff that we need.  It’s the fact that we have a need and God is meeting that need through the TOS Review Crew.  I have lost track of the times I have prayed over a subject or a daughter or just cried out to God because we needed a change and a vendor interest form would post and it would be just the thing to meet the need. 

But that isn’t the sole source for my gratitude.  I’m grateful for the friends I make.  I am thankful for the encouragement I get to keep blogging.  Because of the TOS Review Crew, I’ve found some blogs that I do really want to keep reading and I’ve found the encouragement to keep writing and posting.

I’ve made friends who pray for me and I pray for them.  I’ve cried with them and laughed with them.  The TOS Review Crew isn’t just about reviewing curriculum; it’s about building relationships.  Relationships between reviewers, between The Old Schoolhouse and reviewers, between reviewers and readers and between reviewers and vendors.

I’m thankful for the experience of being a part of The Schoolhouse Review Crew and I am looking forward to a rewarding crew year.

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  1. Truth! We've got great products to review - many that wouldn't even be on my radar if it wasn't for the Crew - and I am loving getting to know other Crew members through their blogs.

  2. I'm so excited to be on the Crew. I know they're not all going to be great fits for us, but we got really blessed by our first assignment and Jude loves it!

    Excited to be following you, too. :)


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