When School Subjects Collide

If you regularly read my blog or if you know me then you know that I am part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew.  It is such a blessing to receive some great home school products to use with my children.  Some days ALL the school we do seems to be related to the Crew.

Today is Friday and Friday for Supergirl means hands on exploring with math manipulatives.  We’re using this amazing math program called TouchMath and in addition to the the downloadable “Green” PDF curriculum they sent us some really fun “extras”. (Look for my review of TouchMath in Mid-March)

Friday is also the day we, generally speaking, wrap up our weekly lesson in Spanish.  (Look for my review of Song School Spanish early next week) We finish up any work in the workbook and listen to the songs again and sometimes we have a fun activity to do.  Today it was “put on a play.”

But today something unusual happened.  Today two subjects collided.  Math and Spanish came together as a musical.  I was trying to get some work done.  (OK I was trying to work on my review of Spanish if you must know) and Supergirl kept bringing me TouchNumerals. She would identify the number and count out the touchpoints (see you’ll want to read that review!). Eventually I sent her to the living room to just play.


She doesn’t play quietly (and that my friends is a wonderful thing.  For many years we wondered if she would ever talk; now we delight in hearing her play).  I am quite certain that the numbers developed personalities.  I might be mistaken but I could have sworn I heard a Spanish word or two and some singing.  In Spanish.

So what happens when two subjects collide in a home school?  You get Spanish singing numbers acting out a play on the living room floor!



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