Kitchen School Doesn’t Just Mean Cooking Class

I confess that when I think of “school in the kitchen” I have an image of my daughters sitting at the kitchen counter filling out math worksheets or learning how to cook by helping me in the kitchen.  But doing school in the kitchen doesn’t have to just mean cooking lessons. Today we’re doing talking about School In the Kitchen for the 5 Days of Teaching Creatively Blog Hop.

 I confess that I don’t actually use cooking to try to teach math.  I mean it happens.  Cooking is a wonderful real life application when you are working with measurements.  But in my house school in the kitchen usually means science.  I do not claim to be creative at all.  When we do science related school in the kitchen, it’s generally because whatever science program we’re using has suggested an activity that uses kitchen stuff. (You’ll want to watch for my review of Supercharged Math in April.  The e-science program has lots and lots and lots of experiments and so many of those just scream “kitchen school” at least to me it does.)

And cooking can be used to teach more than just math.  It can be used to demonstrate chemical reactions!  Or today we used a slice of bread to demonstrate the difference between mass and volume and to show a change in density.  (I would like to thank Aurora from Supercharged Science and her e-science program for the *creative* use of kitchen tools and food to demonstrate scientific principles!)

 Using the kitchen for school doesn’t have to be just for cooking lessons. The kitchen makes an excellent home school science lab, too!




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