Not What I Wanted But Still Good

I’ve been feeling a little (lot) sorry for myself today.  The computer crashed.  I thought it was NOT going to recover. (It did and I’m using it now.)  We haven’t kept up with the laundry and so my clean clothes supply is rather low.  I did manage to find a skirt with a shirt but they do not match (so if you come to visit, I am NOT opening the door!  I do not feel decently dressed LOL)

Then lunch time came.  What to do?  What to make?  Lunch is my enemy.  But that is a topic for entirely different post.  But back to my dilemma.  What do I eat for lunch?  What do I serve the kids?  It should be full of dairy and eggs because this week is Cheesefare week.

I decide on a salad.  Romaine lettuce, hard boiled eggs, shredded cheese.  Wouldn’t that be perfect with French dressing?  No French dressing in the house.  Ok so we’ll use ranch.  But now it cries out for bacon bits.  But I smartly used those up last week and we don’t have any in the house.  So use ranch with romaine lettuce and add some sliced hard boiled egg and shredded cheese and oh look I found some croutons.

I heated up some of the left over experimental creole flavored soup from last night’s dinner.  I added rice and found some shrimp.  But I still felt deprived.  I didn’t have bacon bits and I would have preferred nice chunks of chicken (I am not a fan of shrimp but I’m learning to tolerate it.)

Lunch: Not what I wanted but still good

So here I have this beautiful lunch and I’ve got this stinky yucky attitude of “but it isn’t what I wanted.”  I had a little talk with myself though and reminded myself that feeling deprived of French dressing or bacon bits is really rather silly in the big scheme of things!

I should feel proud (not too prideful though.  Pride goes before a fall and all that.) because I *created* a soup.  I’m inventing a tuna casserole thingy for dinner (if it turns out it might end up a blog post!). I *made* a salad.  Sometimes I end up eating junk for lunch but here I made soup and salad and there were lots of veggies and some protein and it was *good*.  (It really did taste as good as it looks even though it would have been even better with chicken instead of shrimp and bacon bits with the salad.)

Sometimes I get so caught up in feeling sorry for myself about what I *don’t* have, that I fail to see and appreciate what I do have.  I have a husband who loves me dearly.  I have four amazing daughters who make me laugh and help out so much with stuff around the house.

I have a “job” as Curriculum reviewer that gives me the opportunity to try programs that I would never even know existed!  And I get to review some pretty cool things that I don’t know that I could afford to purchase.

Life may not be exactly what I want right at this moment but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good life.


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