Random 5 on Friday {March 29th Edition}

Just this week I became aware of a Random 5 on Friday meme.  Post 5 random thoughts for the day or week.  Miranda over at Pebble’s Pond has been posting these for awhile but this week she’s started a linky.

Here’s my 5 Random Thoughts on Friday:

1. Today we finally got rid of the car that has sat inoperable in the driveway since the crankshaft thingy went out on a Saturday in October. It’s being sold for parts. I’m looking forward to having more space in the driveway, though I dislike having to face the reality of being a single vehicle family.

The inoperable vehicle being sold.

2. I’m sick. Yes, I’m whiney. Last weekend I had a fever and my body ached all over.  I also had some sinus congestion and a nasty headache.  I felt better by Tuesday but Thursday I came down with more of a traditional cold type thing.  Lots and lots and lots of head congestion of the nasal variety.  Sore throat.  No fever.  Extra tired. My children have been sick this week as well.  Yuck!

3. I received my download copy of Great Empires by Amy Pak at Homeschool in the Woods.  I’ve been looking over the different empires and I am so excited to get started.  Supergirl and I are going to start with Ancient China on Monday! (Look for the review in early May.)

4. I like tea.  I didn’t like tea when I was younger.  The only kind of tea my mother ever bought was Lipton.  When I spent a year studying abroad in England, I discovered that I really did like tea.  All kinds of tea.  Just not Lipton. I have fondness for a good British Blend or an Earl Gray. Now that I’ve typed that up, I want a cup of tea!

Picture of a tea pot, alarm clock and a cup

5. With Honeybear home from work for two, we’ve gotten a few things done that needed to be done, (see thought #1.) but we never seem to get as much school done. Today though he did some science experiments with the “big girls” while I worked on some school with Supergirl. (You’ll have to wait for pictures!)

Visit Miranda over at the Pebble Pond!  Come join the fun and link up your own 5 on Friday post!

Image of ‘Morning Tea’ courtesy of winnond at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


  1. I know what it means to be a single car family. We have always been. Hopefully you have adjusted by now.-:)

    We got Great Empires as well, and it has been a hit so far. Thankful for that!

    Have a blessed Resurection celebration tomorrow too!

  2. I hate tea! We were just taking about this over Easter. As a kid I would grab my moms glass of what I thought was Pepsi! 9 times out of 10 I got a refreshing gulp of Pepsi but that other time it would be tea. Haha! I'm still traumatized. ;)


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