April Cleaning Challenge Week 1

One of my fellow home school bloggy friends, Jennifer, shared about an April Cleaning challenge that she plans to participate in.  She blogs over at Conversaving.  MoneySaving Mom is hosting the 30 Day House Cleaning Challenge and it is based on the 31 Day House Cleaning Routine from Fresh and Organized.

I am hoping/planning/striving to post weekly updates about our progress.  I’m looking at this house cleaning challenge as a “getting ready for Pascha” since Pascha is May 5th. Each day at 9am Eastern Moneysaving Mom is posting the daily challenge.  She takes what the 32 Day House Cleaning Routine lists and breaks it down into tasks.  (Check out the above link to see what I mean.)

I actually didn’t jump into this until April 3rd but it fairly easy to pick some things from Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.   Generally speaking those days were “Surface clean Kitchen and Living Room”   Washing the dishes was one of the tasks.  This made me giggle because the dishes need to be done daily.  I giggled because that means we were going to get at least one thing done for sure!

Another task was “surface clean the bedrooms”.  One of the tasks was “make the bed.”  I do make my bed everyday.  It’s my “shiny sink” if you are a flylady person you’ll know what I mean.  But it also said “change/wash bedding if needed.”  The sheets were already fresh (thanks Honeybear!) but I did wash the quilt and change the pillow shams.

One of those first few days included “surface clean the bathroom.”  For me that doesn’t include scrubbing toilets or scrubbing anything.  It means picking up all the towels and clothes off the floor, emptying the trash, putting stuff away from the counter and maybe wiping down the counter and sink.  But suggested task said something about cleaning toilets with cleaner.  I did that.  Or rather Turtlegirl and I did that.  I started it; she finished it.

I decided that today would be “clean the house according to the challenge day.”  And I have to say that I am pretty pleased with the results!  Didn’t get quite get to what I wanted to add to the list.  (The stove needs a good scrubbing, especially since we’re having someone take a look at it on Monday to hopefully fix the non-working burner!)

We did not do the Bonus Project (Find 7 things to get rid of) unless you count all the empty or expired medicine bottles and empty medicine boxes I got rid of today. That counts right? Here’s what we did (and I do mean we; this was a family effort!):

  • Master Bedroom:
    • Bed made
    • floor cleared and vacuumed (it’s amazing how clean the room feels with the junk from the floor put away, the bed made and the room vacuumed.)
    • Things put away from dresser
  • Master Bathroom:
    • counter cleared and wiped
    • trash emptied
    • floor swept
    • shower scrubbed
  • Girls’ Room #1
    • poster hung (The Hobbit!)
    • beds made
    • floor cleared
    • desk tidied
  • Girls’ Room #2
    • at least one bed had the sheets changed and the bed made all pretty!
    • floor cleared
  • Living Room
    • clean laundry folded
    • floor vacuumed
    • (This room did not need much.  The dollhouse stuff got put away and Toy Kitchen stuff got brought in)
  • Kitchen
    • Breakfast (waffles!) got cleaned up
    • dishwasher loaded, run, unloaded and re-loaded!
    • floor swept
    • cabinet that holds all the medication and other misc. stuff cleaned out and re-organized
  • Laundry Room ~ floor cleared and swept! Trash emptied
  • Main Bathroom
    • disgusting vent cleaned! (Thanks Honeybear!)
    • floor swept
    • counter scrubbed
    • tub scrubbed
  • Dining Room ~ Vacuumed

So some “surface” cleaning, some “deeper cleaning” and some “project cleaning”.  Of course the dining room table and the whole family room didn’t get touched but there’s always next time right?

Next time I’ll remember to take before and after pictures especially of deep or project cleaning.


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