Five on Friday {April 26th Edition}

The one problem with doing these weekly is that it causes me to realize just how fast time is moving.  And I completely missed the April 19th Edition so I’m combining a couple of things I would have posted last week. I know today is Saturday but better late than never right? (I hope?!)

1.  Last Wednesday, the 17th, would have been my parents 48th Wedding Anniversary. Dad and mom were married 37 1/2 years when dad passed away. Sometimes I am very selfish and I forget that I didn’t just lose a father, but that my mother lost a husband. Memory Eternal, Daddy, we all miss you very much!

2.  Tailorbear and Honeybear worked on the garden over the last two weeks.  Tailorbear would check daily to see if grass or weeds were trying to sprout and she prettied up the sides of the garden with some rocks so there is a definite edge or border around the small space.  Honeybear and Tailorbear got the rows planted earlier this week.  They planted two rows of peas, two rows or green beans and one row of carrots.  He told me he was going to give me two rows of carrots but he said that he didn’t think we had enough seeds. (The space “behind” the stakes will be where we plant our zucchini plants!)

100_6976 100_6980
100_6979 100_6981

3. Lent is officially over! Holy Week begins Monday (well, Sunday night!) and so we have these two very special days after Great Lent and before Holy Week: Lazarus Saturday and Palm Sunday. Yes, that was my daughter clapping last night when Fr. said that it was the last day of Lent.

4. I have no pictures to prove it but the weather earlier this week was just perfect. It’s not quite May but it felt like May.  May is my favorite month because the rain stops and the sun comes out and we get beautiful sunshiny days with temps in the mid 70’s.  Not too hot to be outside but warm enough inside to open windows wide!

5. I don’t remember if it was in the last two weeks or if it was within the last 3 weeks but I finally finished Jane Eyre.  I did blog about it with my reading challenge update. I have also since then finished False Witness. I’m nearly 1/2 way through the last Percy Jackson series book.  I am waiting for Fortress of Mist book 2 in the Immortal Series to arrive. According to GoodReads I am about 4 books behind my 2013 reading goal. Guess I better spend more time reading!

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  1. I enjoyed reading your Random 5! Lover your garden pictures.


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