Random 5 on Friday! {April 5th Edition}

It’s Friday already?  Again?  Wow this week disappeared so quickly! Here’s this week’s installment of Random 5 on Friday!

1. Last weekend Honeybear cleared the old overgrown, once might have been a garden, space in the side/back yard. This weekend he’s hoping to do some planting.  We’re going to do a combo of “in the ground” and “container” gardening or at least we’re going to try.

Cleared out space for a garden!

2.  I think I’ve created a lapbooking monster!  Supergirl has really been enjoying lapbooking. I told her we could create mini-books for our Great Empires study.  She says we have to do one for Marco Polo! And when we’re done with Great Empires, she wants to do a lapbook for Galileo.

3. My oldest daughter doesn’t like bean sprouts. The kind you get in the can that is commonly used for Chow Mein.  All these years we thought she just didn’t like Chow Mein but really it might just be the canned bean sprouts. After Lent, I think I’ll make some Chow Mein and omit the bean sprouts *or* try fresh instead of canned.

4. I started a 30 day cleaning challenge for April. I feel like such a failure because here it is Friday and um, I didn’t even look at the challenge for yesterday or today.  I am hoping that tomorrow I can rope the whole family in and we can get “caught” up. I’m compiling my list of projects. No way I’ll get them all done in April but maybe, just maybe I’ll be able to make some significant progress.

5. Tonight I will finally make it to a Friday Pre-Sanctified and soup supper with talk!  It’s the third Friday of Great Lent and I have only been to ONE Pre-Sanctified Liturgy and that was the first Wednesday.  We were ALL sick the first Friday and then some of us were sick still sick or sick again last Friday.  But the plan is for ALL of us to go tonight.  We’ll attend the beautiful service which is very much like a Vespers service and then we’ll enjoy some food and fellowship and here some teaching.  I really enjoy the soup supper and talks that I’ve been able to attend in the past.

I wish I had more pictures but I’m feeling a bit lazy about hunting down some more pictures.  I’ll post this link to my review which has pictures of Supergirl and her lapbook.

You can participate in Random 5 on Friday, too! You can leave me a common with 5 random facts (or thoughts) or you can write a blog post and link up with all of us! Thank you, Miranda for this fun link up!


  1. I wish I had the dedication to garden, but I'm sure I'd end up with more weeds than veggies!

  2. I started Spring cleaning too! I was all ready to go...then I did the first room. Now I'm not so ready any more. Blah. I hate cleaning..lol.

    Good luck on your garden. I hope you will be posting pictures. I would love to see your progress. :)


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