Random Five on Friday {April 12 Edition}

Another week already!  Here’s my 5 on Friday:

1. I have definitely created a lapbook monster!  Supergirl has declared that we *will* do a lapbook for Marco Polo (he’s part of our China/Mongolia study) and then when we finish Marco Polo she has demanded that we create a lapbook for Galileo.  We’re still working on a lapbook for science so I’m trying to convince her that we can study Galileo for science after we finish the current science lapbook.  Good thing I found that file of blank templates for the mini-books!

2. I rarely listen to the news.  This morning I was reminded why. They were discussing pot tourism. They had interviewed a bar owner who sells legalized marijuana. Then there was the “live at the scene” story of a home invasion. And surprise surprise it’s going to rain. This was a Seattle news station.  It’s news when it ISN’T going to rain people, it’s not really news to tell me what I can already tell: it’s going to rain today.

3. 8th Ave E is not the same as 8th Ave S.  Those should be perpendicular streets but they are not.  They are parallel. I knew this.  I still turned on 8th Ave S.  Took me 45 minutes to get home because it was the boonies and there was no safe place to turn around.  At least I wasn’t lost.  I knew where I was.  Can I blame it on being up too early?

4. Though we are NOT in Seattle, we still get rain all the time (it *is* Western WA after all!) so that means it’s highly unlikely the garden will get planted this weekend. Maybe we’ll get the pepper plants and the tomato plants and get those set up in their containers.

5. Boobear is off to college later this afternoon. It’s a “Passport Weekend” and she’ll be meeting with advisors, visiting with current students, taking tours and getting wooed so that she’ll complete her enrollment.  Supergirl is excited because that means she gets the bedroom to herself tonight.

So that’s my very random 5 on Friday!  Sorry I am pictureless this week. I will try to do better next week and have some pictures. I’d love to hear a random thought from you.  Leave me a comment with your random thought or write your on 5 on Friday.  Leave me a comment with your blog post link and be sure and visit Miranda and link up to:


  1. HAHA about the rain in Seattle! I'm so with you on that! I live an hour from Seattle and yes, I know it's going to rain. It would have been nice if they could have given me a heads up about the sun yesterday afternoon:)

  2. I would not be able to handle a lot of rain! I was lovin our first Spring rain the other day and now its just gloomy and makes me sleepy. I am ok with rain once every few weeks. :) Or the beautiful Spring rain when its sunny last in the day. lol!

  3. I have a lapbook monster too! She only let me take a day or two break between finishing a Disney Princess lapbook and choosing another one.


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