The Hobbit Study Guide from Progeny Press {Crew Review}

Several years ago the girls listened to The Hobbit on audiobook. It was a read-aloud for our literature based curriculum. They were hooked. They each over the years have re-read the book on their own. When the movie came out in December it was a “no-brainer” gift idea to purchase tickets for all of us as a family gift. Everyone loved the movie. It inspired the girls to read the book again. So when the opportunity to arrived to review The Hobbit Study Guide from Progeny press, it was another “no-brainer” to express “jumping up and down with excitement” interest in being allowed to review the guide.

Not only were were excited because we could do a literature study on a much loved book but we were excited because it was a Progeny Press guide. We fell in love with Progeny Press when we reviewed The Bronze Bow Study Guide and the Screwtape Letters Study Guide during a previous crew run. 


The Hobbit Study Guide: Cover image Progeny Press The Hobbit Study Guide

We received the instant download version of the product. The download is a compressed (zipped) file that contains a file folder for MAC users as well as a PDF READ ME tutorial file, the study guide, and an answer key.  Permission is granted to reproduce the study guide for multiple students in a single family or for a single teacher in a classroom setting. Progeny Press suggests saving a copy of the study guide for each student so I created files for each of the three girls and one for myself.

The study guide contains:

  • a note to the instructor with suggestions on how to use the guide
  • a synopsis of the story
  • a section about the author
  • Ideas for Pre-Reading Activities
  • Questions for chapters (Chapters are in groups of 2 –3 for e.g. chapters 1-3)
    • Vocabulary
    • Exploring a literary element such as setting or character
    • Questions (these are comprehension questions about the story)
    • Thinking about the Story: These questions are more analytical
    • Dig Deeper: I think of these like a mini-bible study. These questions explore themes, concepts or ideas from the story from a biblical perspective. 
  • Overview: Which contains essay questions and other post-reading activity suggestions

Using Progeny Press:

I have three students in the recommended age range (grades 8-12) for this particular study. BooBear is a senior and does not need another literature study for graduation but she loves the Hobbit. She read the book in the past and is rereading the book to keep pace with our group discussions. She’s reading over the study guide questions so that she can participate in the lively talks.

Turtlegirl (10th grade) and Tailorbear (8th grade) are using this in a more traditional manner. Both heard the book a few years ago as a read aloud. Turtlegirl read the book independently after that and read it again for this study, Tailorbear is reading the book independently now at a pace that matches the study guide chapter sections.

I chose to use the Dig Deeper Questions for group discussion. I love how my girls were able to work independently though the other questions. I could have assigned the Dig Deeper sections as independent work as well, but, for our family, those questions worked great as a catalyst for group discussions.

So what did using it actually look like? Some days were spent reading:

Turtlegir reading the Hobbit

Some days were spent working through the questions:

Tailorbear working on Progeny Press Study Guide

And at least once per “section” we spent time in group discussion:

The girls having a dicussion about The Hobbit

Thoughts from Tailorbear: 

I love The Hobbit and studying the book and the deeper meanings helps me understand what the story is saying. I really do like this program!

Thoughts from Turtlegirl:

I really enjoyed the Progeny Press Guide for the Screwtape Letters; and the Hobbit Guide completely met my expectations as being just as good. I really enjoy the ‘thinking about the story’ questions, because they truly help you analyze the story. It makes you think about the characters. Plus, I love vocabulary so I like that every session starts with a vocabulary section. I love the Progeny Press Guides, and this one was no exception.

The Details:

Image of Progeny Press LOGO

  • The Vendor:  Progeny Press
  • The Product:  The Hobbit Study Guide
  • Recommended Age Range: Grades 8-12
  • The Price: $18.99 for Download Version
  • The Format: We received the PDF download. Print and CD Versions are also available.
  • You do need the novel, The Hobbit. You do not need a specific edition since the questions are set up by chapter not page number.
  • The Study guide is Interactive which means you can type your answers directly into the PDF!

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