I Have a Garden!

Well truth be told, my husband has a garden and our 14 year old daughter, Tailorbear is his assistant but though they have done the work, I get to ooh and aah over the growing little plants and later this summer, I get to cook with and eat those yummy “fruits.”

Note: Botany Lesson follows:  Other than carrots, everything else we are growing are biologically classified as fruits.  A fruit is a “womb” for the growing seeds for the next generation. (Yes, I learned that by teaching an elementary school level botany class to the girls several years ago.  They might actually have retained more than this old dog who still tries to learn new tricks!)

We’ve got 2 rows of green beans, 2 rows of peas, and one row of carrots.  My husband says that the carrots are coming in but I’m not so sure those just aren’t stray bits of grass.


The peas and beans are doing much better and are coming along quite nicely. I didn’t think I’d get so thrilled to see these plants poke through the dirt and begin to grow. We didn’t buy organic seeds this year but I’m pushing for organic seeds for next year.

100_7118 100_7119 100_7200

And on Mother’s Day we picked up and Honeybear planted two tomato plants, two bell pepper plants, two zucchini plants, two crookneck squash plants and one lonely Japanese Cucumber plant.


Do you have a garden?  What are growing?


  1. Tess,

    I LOVE this!! It is so fun to watch the work of your hands, isn't it?

    Thanks for letting me know!


  2. I love gardens and watching them grow. I especially like them when everything is new and young and watching the daily changes. I don't plant a lot of things, but I do like to have one zucchini and one yellow crookneck squash plant at least. They can produce a lot and take up a lot of space. I don't have lots of luck with tomatoes. I sometimes plant cilantro and I have rosemary and thyme too. I still need to get out there and clear the weeds before I can get started.


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